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5 Random Facts to Get Your Thursday Going... And More!


Five Random Facts For Thursday
1.  Rio de Janeiro is NOT the capital of Brazil . . . Brasilia is.  But Rio WAS once the capital of PORTUGAL.  In the early 1800s, the Portuguese royal family fled there to get away from Napoleon.  Lisbon became Portugal's capital again in the 1820s.
2.  There are still 51 Blockbuster locations open.  More than HALF are in Alaska and Texas . . . 13 in Alaska, 14 in Texas.
3.  A chemist named William Mitchell is credited as the key inventor behind Pop Rocks, Tang, AND Cool Whip.
4.  When Facebook was developing the Like button, the engineers all wanted it to be called the AWESOME button.  Luckily MARK ZUCKERBERG vetoed that.
5.  Eddie, the dog on "Frasier", made $10,000 per episode.  His real name was Moose, and he died in 2006 after making more than $3.2 million.

COWBOY NEWS Country Music Headlines

FRANKIE BALLARD was a "baseball junkie" who played shortstop at Western Michigan University.  That changed when he discovered his real calling was music.  He says, "I used to stay after practice and take an extra 300 ground balls, and then I started writing songs and doing open mikes and blues jams and realized I could do that.  That's when it changed."

BRAD PAISLEY visited with former President GEORGE H.W. BUSH on Tuesday before performing at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  They took a photo together and then Brad tweeted, "Kickin' off the Houston Rodeo tonight.  Since everyone's into taking selfies now, here's my submission."

MARTINA MCBRIDE had the honor of performing with GEORGE STRAIT last weekend on his Cowboy Rides Away tour.  They did the Johnny Cash / June Carter classic "Jackson" . . . and then the George Jones / Tammy Wynette song "Golden Ring".


KEITH URBAN is selling his own line of graphic T-shirts.  Each one will cost you 60 bucks, but he IS giving some of it back.  The company making them has a factory in Haiti and they invest 50% of the profits into the employees, families and local communities.  You can check 'em out at ByKeithUrban.com

Have you ever wondered what your favorite artist is doing while you're fidgeting in your seat waiting for the damn concert to start?  Chances are, they're goofing off.  That's what LADY ANTEBELLUM was up to in a recent episode of Lady A TV that shows them backstage dancing, drinking from red solo cups and singing off-key.

The Seven Worst Ways to Get Dumped

A new survey came up with the seven WORST ways to get dumped and all seven have one thing in common . . . they ALL involve people avoiding face-to-face confrontation like a COWARD.  Here are the results, in order . . .

1.  On social media
It's bad to dump someone publicly on their Facebook wall . . . but even worse to dump them by just changing your relationship status from "In a relationship" to "Single" without a conversation.
2.  By email or text.
3.  Ignoring them until the relationship just ends, without any conversation.
4.  Having a FRIEND dump them for you.
5.  Getting-it-on with one of their friends.
6.  Standing them up at a family event.
7.  Standing them up on your anniversary. 

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03/06/2014 8:13AM
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