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Eric Church Doesn't Get It Either!

2013 CMA Music Festival - Day 1

Eric Church Doesn't Understand His "Give Me Back My Hometown" Video Either!!
If you're confused by the meaning of ERIC CHURCH'S video for "Give Me Back My Hometown", you're not alone.  So is he.  He says, quote, "I don't understand it either."  
Yes, he's half-joking.  It's actually the first part of a grand plan that will make sense AFTER you've seen all the videos from his upcoming album, "The Outsiders".  That's due out February 11th, although the videos will be released here and there. 
He explains, quote, "We've conceived and conceptualized what these videos are gonna be.  There's a storyline, so basically everybody you see in [this] video, all the characters, they each have a story line and they all relate to each other.
"I think that creatively and artistically there's some broader story lines there.  And I thought it would add some intrigue and add some fun to continue to carry this thing throughout the album."
Eric says he's going to all that trouble because he's bored by the old way of releasing videos.  Quote: "I wanted something more compelling than just, 'here's a music video and here's what it's about."  

--Here is the Music Video for anyone who hasn't seen it yet!

What's Something That Happens to You All the Time . . . But You Have No Idea If It Happens to Anyone Else?
Here are 5 things that happen to way more people than you realize . . .
1.  Walking into a room and completely forgetting why you went in there.
2.  Spilling on yourself when you take a drink.  It's fine if it happens to you a lot . . . plenty of people somehow still haven't fully mastered drinking.
3.  Putting your hands under an automatic sink faucet in a public bathroom and no water comes out.  You're not an invisible vampire, it just happens sometimes.
4.  Forgetting someone's name two seconds after you meet them.
5.  Walking past a cop and thinking to yourself, "What if I grabbed his gun?"

NOW time for, COWBOY NEWS:
One of the reasons 46-year-old TIM MCGRAW works out so hard is because it helps him perform better . . . and he knows it's harder to stay in shape at his age.  He says, quote, "Being fit adds more to my show and more energy to the show.  And I love doin' what I do, I wanna do it for a lot longer." There is one more reason he works out EXTRA hard . . . and it's pretty obvious to anyone over 30.  He says, quote, "The older you get, the harder it is to stay in shape.
DIERKS BENTLEY'S album "Riser" will be out February 25th, but why wait until then to roll out ashamelessly publicity stunt?  On Monday, he posted a TON of pics and videos on his Instagram page . . . and then yesterday he acted all surprised in this Tweet, quote, "What in the hell is up with my Instagram account?  Drunk hidden camera karaoke to my own songs on the bus.  Think my band is pranking me."
"Nashville Scene" released the results of their "14th Annual Country Music Critics' Poll" . . . and KACEY MUSGRAVES cleaned up.  She placed first in almost every category she qualified for, including Artist of the Year.  Other top finishers were Brandy Clark, Jason Isbell and The Pistol Annies.
BRAD PAISLEY brought RASCAL FLATTS on stage at his show on Saturday in Orlando, Florida.  They did a cover of MERLE HAGGARD'S "I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink" . . . and then the Rascal Flatts hit "Fast Cars and Freedom".


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01/29/2014 7:47AM
Eric Church Doesn't Get It Either!
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Eric Church
How could this possibly be considered country music?
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