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Guy's Are Fragile and Girl's Like To Plan Their Wedding EARLY

Eleven Ways to Damage a Guy's Ego
Guys don't like to admit it, but they're FRAGILE creatures.  If you don't believe us, check out this list of 11 things you can do to damage a guy's ego.  If that's your thing...

1.  Open the door for him.
2.  Tell him something he did was "irresponsible."
3.  Beat him at a video game.
4.  Pay compliments to his rivals.
5.  Fix something that's broken without asking him to.
6.  Be funnier.
7.  Buy him clothes that are too big for him.
8.  Get him girly-smelling lotion.
9.  Pay for dinner when you're out with friends.
10.  Be more successful.
11.  Propose.

COWBOY NEWS Country Music Headlines
DAVID NAIL has suffered from depression for most of his life, but finally got the courage to go for counseling a couple of years ago. He says there were times when he should have been happy about his success and his life, but just couldn't feel joyful. But with the help of counseling and medication, he's doing a lot better. 

BRANTLEY GILBERT has been sober for two years, so it might seem kind of odd that he released a song called "Bottoms Up", which references "kegs" and "toasting to the good times."
But Brantley says being sober does NOT mean "boring."  He says, "I still party.  I ain't gotta drink to party.  I promise you."

CARRIE UNDERWOOD likes to play dress-up, but only when having a girls night with her friends. She has a lot of wigs that were used in a video shoot…and Carrie likes to use them to play different characters. She says that “I was a photographer and a waitress and then I was the president.” 

BILLY RAY CYRUS’ "Achy Breaky 2", the hip-hop song by rapper BUCK 22, debuted at #11 on the "Billboard" Hot Rap Songs chart…TMZ has a pic of him waving Billboard magazine out the window of his SUV . . . open to the R&B/Rap page.

There was a minor fire yesterday at LORETTA LYNN'S house in Tennessee when a candle fell and set a chair on fire.  Loretta was home and snuffed out the blaze by beating it with a pillow.  Unfortunately, she suffered minor burns on her fingertips. 

Josh Thompson’s “Cold Beer With Your Name on It” is the lead single from his upcoming sophomore album, Turn It Up, which hits stores on April 1st. JOSH plays San Antonio Friday night, and will perform at the TEXAS BIRTHDAY BASH in Navasota on Saturday.


Ten Things Women Decide About Their Wedding Before They Even Start Dating Someone
A new survey found 60% of single women say they've already planned at least SOME parts of their wedding day...even though they're not even dating anyone.  Sounds healthy.  Here are the top 10 things they've already decided on:
1.  The style of wedding dress they want.
2.  Where they're going for the honeymoon.
3.  Who will be their bridesmaids.
4.  Which flowers they want.
5.  How they'll wear their hair.
6.  The wedding venue.
7.  The food that will be served.
8.  Whether they'll have a traditional cake or something else.
9.  What they'll say in their vows.
10.  What time of year they want to get married . . . and possibly even a specific date. 

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02/26/2014 9:13AM
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