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Its Hump Day!

It’s the middle of the week already and here is what Roger & Jessy talked about today!
The third season premiere of "Duck Dynasty" pulled in an impressive 8.6 million viewers on A&E, more than HBO’s Vikings, ABC’s Celebrity Apprentice, and TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress
-Roger & Jessy are proud to say they were part of that 8.6 Million!!
Luke Bryan released the video to his song "Buzzkill"…one of the two original songs on "Spring Break: Here to Party"

-Here is the link to the New Video “Buzzkill”… it’s not what you’re expecting!
In More Music News:
TAYLOR SWIFT told "Vanity Fair" that she's only dated TWO PEOPLE since 2010 . . . and one of those people, HARRY STYLES, could NOT stop staring at other girls.  And regarding TINY FEY and AMY POEHLER ripping on her at the Golden Globes, she quoted KATIE COURIC as saying "there's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women."
Golden Globe co-hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have responded to a statement Taylor Swift..
Amy says: I do agree I am going to hell. But for other reasons. Mostly boring tax stuff. "
And Tina Said: It was a joke. It was a light-hearted joke."
-Jessy said there is more to the article…. like Taylor talking about people judging her for writing her own music and lyrics about things in her life, she thinks is ‘Sexist’!

Some Weird and Wacky Stuff we talked about:

Django Unchained and Ted lead the nominees with seven each for the 2013 MTV Movie Awards. This year’s telecast will introduce two new categories -- Best Shirtless Performance and Best Musical Moment. Airs live on April 14th. Rebel Wilson will host
-Jessy loves Rebel Wilson and can’t wait to see what she is gonna do!
According to a new study, men lie THREE TIMES more often than women.  The top lies men tell are:  "Yes, I've done that" . . . "I didn't have a cell phone signal" . . . and "I'm on my way."  The top lies women tell are:  "I'm fine" . . . "I'm on my way" . . . and "It was on sale." (print list from complete Sheet)

-Jessy used the ‘I’m fine’ lie yesterday!
The hottest fad diet in England is coming to the U.S.  It's called "The Fast Diet". You eat whatever you want five days a week . . . then barely ANYTHING the other two days.  The doctor behind it says it's a form of fasting safely that puts your body into immediate fat burning mode.
-Roger said That sounds a lot like the just before payday diet…
On Sunday night, a 29-year-old woman was driving drunk, and SLAMMED into a guy's mobile home.  She got out of the car . . . without PANTS for some reason . . . and tried to get away by driving off in a kid's battery-operated Power Wheels truck.  It didn't work because the batteries were not charged! She was arrested with a 3x blood-alcohol level
-Jessy noted that even if the batteries had been charged you still need to be under 50 Lbs for one of those lil things to run!  
Today’s Free Advice was Social Media related:

Five Weird Profile Photos, And What They Say About You…from Cracked.com
#1.)  The extreme close-up. Some women use a picture of just one eye, or just their lips.  Guys seem less likely to use this one.  But it sends a message that this one feature is the best you can do, and everything else will be downhill from there.
#2.)  The three-quarter turn.  This one is more of a guy thing.  You turn your face slightly away from the camera, like you want to show people your good side.  But if you even know you HAVE a good side . . . you're probably a narcissistic Dude.
#3.)  The hot friend.  Some people use a picture of themselves with a really attractive friend.  This is either to distract you from all the things about them that are NOT hot, or to brainwash you into thinking they ARE hot, just by association.
#4.)  The no-show.  Sometimes you get that blank profile pic, or that default silhouette of a head that looks like a shooting range target.  Or someone puts up a picture of their cat, or their baby, or an inspiring cliché of some kind. --It's all probably about some personal crusade to convince the world that looks don't matter.  Or worst of all . . . they might actually be obsessed with cats.
#5.)  The intentionally ugly face.  Good-looking people do it to make you appreciate their beauty even more.  Everybody else does it to make you laugh . . . because maybe they're just not that attractive.
AND Today’s Question of the Day and First Winner of the Day Contest’s dealt with:

According to a new study by Oxford University, men are more likely to think they're getting a good deal if the price is written in RED.  When guys were asked to compare ads and price tags, they thought they were saving 85% more when the prices were written in red.  Women knew there was no difference.  (The researchers think evolution might be a reason why.  Rosy complexions in women are a sign of fertility . . . and women in red are more attractive to men. )   
Yesterday, the TSA announced they're lifting the ban on a few items next month.  As of April 25th, you'll be allowed to bring wiffle ball bats, pool cues, and up to two golf clubs on a plane.  You can also bring a small POCKET KNIFE, as long as the blade is less than two-and-a-half inches.

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03/06/2013 9:53AM
Its Hump Day!
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