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12 Rules for Being a Good Boyfriend...

You're probably not as good of a boyfriend as you think you are.. at least according to two girls, aged 6 and 9! Here's a list of their requirements for getting the "best boyfriend" award:

1.  Nice handwriting.
2.  "Cuteness."
3.  He should like his girlfriend's parents.
4.  He's not living with HIS parents.
5.  "Nice jewelry." 
6.  He doesn't pick his nose.
7.  He doesn't try to kiss you on the first date.
8.  He's ALWAYS happy.
9.  He respects different religions. 
10.  His last name is "not weird."
11.  He brushes and flosses.
12.  He doesn't tattle tale. 

Richard Gere Dumped Julia Roberts in the Original Draft of "Pretty Woman"...Wait What?

Though we've all seen a list of alternate movie endings... here's one more that may be shocking news to you!

"Pretty Woman" ends with RICHARD GERE driving to JULIA ROBERTS' neighborhood to give her the fairy tale ending she's always wanted. But in the original script, he shows up with $3,000 for spending the week with him, then DRIVES OFF.  And she ends up on her knees in the gutter picking up the money, after throwing it against his car window in disgust.
Also, Julia's character was a DRUG ADDICT in addition to being a prostitute, and Gere wouldn't let her use . . . so she suffered from withdrawal during the week. - The movie was ultimately made by Touchstone, a subsidiary of Disney, so obviously they made a lot of changes.

"Rocky":  Rocky THROWS the fight for money instead of taking world champion Apollo Creed 15 rounds and losing by decision . . . AND buys Adrienne the pet store.
"Alien":  The alien kills SIGOURNEY WEAVER by biting off her head . . . then gets on the radio and communicates with Earth in HER voice.
"Seven":  In the movie, after BRAD PITT finds his girlfriend's head in a box, he shoots the killer, KEVIN SPACEY.  But originally they were going to have Brad's partner, MORGAN FREEMAN, kill him, so Brad wouldn't get the blame.
"There's Something About Mary":  After BEN STILLER FINALLY hooks back up with CAMERON DIAZ, he gets hit by a bus.  The end.

Five Ways Social Media Ruins Relationships

A new survey had people rank the ways Facebook, Twitter, and the rest can DESTROY a new relationship. Here are the top five:
1.  It's too easy to find out when the other person lied to you about where they were going or what they were doing.
2.  When you're first dating someone, you can go through their old posts and interactions and see if they used the same lines and moves on someone else.
3.  You initially like someone because you're compatible with their PROFILE . . . but it turns out not to represent who they really are.
4.  The other person is TOO obsessed with social media, and focuses on it more than they focus on you.
5.  Seeing endless photos of your friends on vacations and at parties with their significant others makes you feel like your relationship is boring.


TYLER FARR has no beef with AARON LEWIS for trashing his song "Redneck Crazy". "If you got enough time to rewrite my song then go ahead.  I just hope he doesn't expect me to rewrite lyrics to his songs."
TAYLOR SWIFT believes writing revenge songs about her exes is way riskier than getting naked.  She says, "For me, risky is writing confessional songs about a person with enough details so everyone knows who that person is.  That's putting myself out there, maybe even more than taking my shirt off."
DIERKS BENTLEY is being paired up with ONE REPUBLIC for an upcoming episode of "CMT Crossroads".  They're taping the show it in Nashville, which will air sometime next month.
SCOTTY MCCREERY has been name the first "National Goodwill Ambassador" for the 12.14 Foundation. The Foundation helps families affected by the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.
Some lowlife scammed a family and a business out of $9,000 by PRETENDING he could arrange for JASON ALDEAN to play a benefit concert . . . with the proceeds going to a two-year-old girl with leukemia.
Cole Swindell got to experience the thrill of playing New York City's Madison Square Garden as Luke Bryan's opening act.

Here's the video of Cole performing his hit, "Chillin' It," on January 25th at Madison Square:


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Relationship Advice & Cowboy News!
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