Garth Brooks looks beyond the World Tour: “My retiring days are behind me…you're gonna have to throw me out now!”

ABC/Randy HolmesGarth Brooks takes the stage tonight to play the very first concert at Atlanta’s new Mercedes-Benz Stadium. More than 80,000 fans are expected for the biggest event yet at the new Georgia venue.

As 2017 comes to a close, Garth’s World Tour is winding down, but you don’t have to worry:  the reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year isn’t planning to disappear.

“I can tell you my retiring days are behind me,” he says. “I can tell you you’re gonna have to throw me out now. I’m so ready for this. The only thing that’s gonna change after December is it’s just not gonna be a constant appearance. You’re gonna pick ’em, you’re gonna choose ’em.”

Garth says he’s looking forward to deciding where he wants to play, as opposed to constantly covering the country with an ongoing series of concerts. The thing he’s anticipating the most is actually giving back to the fans.

“The great thing about the next year, 2018 — I’ll get to play some places for free,” he explains. “That’s what I like! Just go for the reason of going there and getting to play music. That’s cool.”

“Right now, the tour’s running, it’s on a schedule. It’s got assets, and it’s got a bank that has to even out. So right now, you’re out there grinding it out. But if anybody sits up here and tells you that touring is working for a living, they’re lying to you. It’s the sweetest, easiest thing I’ve ever got to do,” he adds.

“Ask Me How I Know” breaks into the top ten this week, making it Garth’s first top ten hit since “More Than a Memory” in 2007. Garth will defend his Entertainer of the Year title at next month’s 51st CMA Awards.

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