Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!

Emrie is 2 years old today!  We had a little party for her at our house yesterday.  She had the best time…although you can't really tell from this picture. 

We made her get off the trampoline (her birthday present from us) to eat cake and open presents.  She warmed up to it after she realized all the gifts were for her! 

 This one was from Grandma and Paw-Paw Eneks.  She actually rides better in reverse but I dont think it will be long before we see her rolling down the street trailing after her big brother, Aiden.

She partied until 8:30pm when we finally made her come inside.  After her bath, she layed on her new Minnie Mouse pillow pet for a while (thanks Uncle Robert & Aunt Katherine) until she decided it was too fluffy.  So, she got the little lawn mower my parents got her and "mowed" her pillow.  She stayed up until almost 10am playing with her other toys.  It was a great day!

She woke up around 6:30 this morning.  I said "Good Morning Birthday Girl" to which she responded "I have more party today?"  Then she sang Happy Birthday to Emrie a couple of times to herself.  What a little toot!

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