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Check out "KORA After The Morning Show" with Zack & Greg from Blue Water Highway Band! These boys can sing.~ Carly Evans

Posted by 98.3 KORA The Texas Country Original on Tuesday, July 28, 2015
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2 soldiers injured in Blackhawk helicopter crash in Colorado
Washington college soccer players suspended for one match for using blackface - NYC high school suspends football season over hazing allegations
Obama gets votes necessary to protect Iran nuke deal - VIDEO: Obama secures votes needed to protect Iran deal in Congress - VIDEO: Iran nuke deal a 'historical victory' or big mistake?
Use of license-plate scanners expands amid privacy concerns, court battles
Dean Jones, boyish Disney star, dies at 84
Judge refuses to dismiss charges against officers in Freddie Gray case - Autopsy shows college football player killed by Texas officer had drugs in his system
Lawmakers deny they were making out in car at Minnesota park
Senior Commerce official's family watched porn on gov't computers, watchdog finds
Guatemalan judge orders country's president detained amid corruption probe
STARNES: Church in hot water over football field baptism
8 dead from Legionnaires' outbreak in western Illinois - VIDEO: Prison shuts off water over outbreak fears - Mexican food trucks in Wash. linked to E. coli cases
Green energy company fights for life after getting billions from feds
NASA taps hoverboard company Arx Pax to build space ‘tractor beam’
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