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'ERASING OUR HISTORY': Ancient site 'bulldozed' by ISIS, Iraq gov't says
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Ford's real-life bravado equals Han Solo, Indiana Jones
FOX NEWS POLL Record-low 43 percent of voters say Obama honest
Harrison Ford survives crash-landing on golf course
BREAKING: At least 7 injured after Palestinian rams car into Jerusalem crowd
Philadelphia police officer dies after being shot in head at video game store
STARNES: Florida city wages soviet-style crackdown on churches
Bill giving Congress say on Iran deal delayed by Senate Dems
Boston school administrator accused of shooting student
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Fraternity pledge could lose four fingers to frostbite after hazing stunt
FOX NEWS POLL: Walker seen as strong leader among GOP, Clinton’s honesty ratings drop - Fox News Poll: Views of Obama’s honesty hit new low, fewer say he’s patriotic - Click here to read the poll results
Cardinal Egan, former archbishop of New York, dead at 82
Ringling Bros. eliminating elephants from shows
Homeowners association denies playhouse for girl with leukemia
Unseasonably warm weather moves Iditarod route farther north
NASA’s Dawn spacecraft prepares for Ceres rendezvous
Hung jury in Jodi Arias sentencing phase removes possibility of death sentence - Key facts about Jodi Arias murder case
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