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The first two-hour episode of the History Channel's new 10-hour miniseries, "The Bible", debuted Sunday night . . . and it attracted a HUGE audience of 13.1 MILLION people. --That was enough to make it the biggest "cable entertainment telecast" of 2013.  --Following "The Bible", History premiered its first original scripted series, "The Vikings" . . . and it averaged 6.2 million!!
 In Music News:
George Strait’s Cowboy Rides Away Tour has debuted at No. 1 on Pollstar's Concert Pulse, topping Justin Bieber, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Dave Matthews Band and The Who. The King of Country music has sold out 15 venues so far on his farewell tour.
George Jones’s final show in Nashville on November 22nd is officially sold out. The all-star show lineup includes Dierks Bentley, Garth Brooks, Randy Travis  and Josh Turner
Carrie Underwood tells Glamour magazine she would like to be a judge on The X Factor -- “But those initial auditions, where you have to tell someone to stop? I don’t know if I could do that.”
Miranda Lambert is the only star in her "Mama's Broken Heart" video playing the parts of a prim-and-proper lady and rebellious sexpot.
 In Wacky World News:

 New survey, one in seven women have thrown out their husband or boyfriend's clothes without telling him . . . because they don't like the way they look.  One in seven have ALSO thrown out an ex's clothes out of anger . . . one in 12 have destroyed clothes or other possessions belonging to an ex….
-And you wonder why we won’t talk to you anymore…
According to a shocking new study by the University of Durham, drinking alcohol doesn't ACTUALLY make other people SEEM more attractive to us.  Researchers say that when we're drunk, we still see people pretty much the same way.  But alcohol shuts down our impulse control.  In other words, beer goggles just make us not care how people look.  Thanks, science!       
According to a new study, women really ARE attracted to men with a sense-of-humor . . . because they think GOOD-LOOKING men are funny.  In the study, women rated handsome guys funnier than ugly guys.  The researchers say it could be because it's female instinct to find handsome men's personalities attractive, so they'll be more receptive to what good-looking guys are saying.
HARRISON FORD has officially signed on to do a long-awaited sequel.  But it's NOT "Star Wars 7".  It's "Anchorman 2".  He'll play a legendary newscaster.  Shooting is in progress in Atlanta…
-Jessy Is very Excited!
On Friday, a 61-year-old woman in Florida tried to use a coupon she'd printed off the Internet to save $1 at a Walmart.  But when they rejected the coupon, she RAMMED the assistant manager with her cart, went to her car, grabbed her GUN, and shouted, quote, "I have something for ya'll."  They ran and called the cops, and the woman was arrested for aggravated assault.
Today’s First Winner of the Day Contest had to do with:
New survey the top things we're afraid of when we're driving.  The top ten are snow . . . black ice . . . fog . . . highways . . . parallel parking . . . driving in an area you don't know . . . big cities . . . rain . . . passing trucks . . .country roads.
And Today’s Question of the Day dealt with:
Be careful about asking your boyfriend or husband, "Does this make my butt look big?"  --In a new survey, only 35% of men say they'd LIE.  The other two-thirds say they WOULD give an honest answer . . . although a lot of them would try to change the subject first.
 Today’s Free Advice:
5 Reasons It's Harder Than It Used to Be to Score Good Concert Tickets
Have you ever tried to buy tickets to a big concert, but they sold out five minutes after they went on sale?  It's more common than it used to be. 
#1.)  Credit Card Presales.  For a lot of concerts, companies like American Express reserve a certain number of tickets and hold presales, where cardholders can buy them before they go on sale. --Which is okay.  But about half of those tickets end up in the hands of brokers, who resell them for twice what they paid.
#2.)  Fan Clubs.  A lot of bands allocate a certain number of tickets for fan club members.  But not all of them are actually "fans." --A lot of scalpers join fan clubs multiple times, and then use several different credit cards to buy up as many tickets as they can.
#3.)  Some Bands Scalp Their Own Tickets.  Seriously.  They just put something in their tour rider that says a certain number of tickets have to be set aside.  Then they resell those tickets on sites like StubHub. --It's actually more common than you might think.  Katy Perry was criticized for doing it after TheSmokingGun.com got its hand on her tour rider back in 2011. 
#4.)  You Have to Compete with "Scalper Bots".  Which are computer programs designed to flood a particular site with ticket requests as fast as possible. --Meaning scalpers don't have to go through the same process you do every time they try to buy tickets.  They just let a computer program place each order, which is obviously a lot faster.
--Most ticket sites have safeguards to stop it, like when you have to type in a specific word at the bottom of the page before it accepts your payment. --But scalpers get past that by hiring real people in places like India or the Philippines, who manually type in whatever they need to after the program takes care of the more time-consuming stuff.
#5.)  Inflated Service Fees.  It used to be that no matter how good your tickets were, you paid the same service fee as people in the back row. --But a while back, Ticketmaster realized that if you're willing to buy EXPENSIVE tickets, then you're probably willing to pay a higher service fee too.  So they upped it for premium seats . . . meaning good tickets are even MORE expensive now.
--But Ticketmaster doesn't necessarily get all that money.  Some big bands negotiate into their contracts that THEY get a percentage of the service fees. --Then they save face by offering tickets at a reasonable price.  And when people complain about the crazy service fees, they blame Ticketmaster.
Finally Today’s #1 Song on this date in history was:
1994 - Mark Chesnutt tops the Billboard country chart with "I Just Wanted You to Know."

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