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Country Music's Party Of The Year!!

COWBOY NEWS - Country music headlines

The "CMT Crossroads" featuring DIERKS BENTLEY and ONE REPUBLIC won't be debuting until March 21st, but they've decided to wet your appetite by releasing a video of them performing One Republic's song "Counting Stars". The Video is on our FaceBook Page, facebook.com/983KORA , it’s a great mash-up of two bands and worth a watch!!
BRANTLEY GILBERT wasn't lying when he said he could lift weights "all day long."  THOMAS RHETT posted a Facebook pic of them together and Brantley's guns are so massive they block out the sun. 
Sheryl Crow's "Callin' Me When I'm Lonely" is the second single from Sheryl’s first country album, Feels Like Home. Sheryl hits the road with George Strait next week and She joins Rascal FlattsRewind tour on May 16th. But it was Brad Paisley who convinced her that country music was her home…
TAYLOR SWIFT is quick to tell people that her hometown is Nashville, even though she owns several homes in different states…but Taylor counts Nashville as home because she can go unnoticed doing everyday things.  OH & It's ACM time when artists try to sway fans' votes with funny videos….and Taylor Swift's amusing entry into the fray. It even co-stars her boss at her record label.  
Here is the Video:


Miranda Lambert says that singing with Carrie Underwood is a bit "intimidating." Check out 'Ran talking about her duet with Carrie from her upcoming album, Platinum.
COUNTRY MUSIC’S PARTY OF THE YEAR: There's a HI-larious behind-the-scenes video of BLAKE SHELTON and LUKE BRYAN filming promos for the April 6th ACM Awards.  But the best part may be the "surprise" appearance from MIRANDA LAMBERT walking around wearing super-tight leggings.  Oh, and TIM MCGRAW'S there too.
Here is that HI-larious Video:


The Five Sexiest Jobs For Men, And the Least Sexy One
According to a new survey, there are three types of jobs that really impress women:  You can either be RUGGED and MANLY . . . make a lot of MONEY . . . or, best of all, FEED HER. The survey had women rank the sexiest jobs for a man.  Here are the top five . . .
1.  Chef . . . 27% of women think it's the sexiest job.
2.  Doctor, 23%.
3.  Lawyer, 15%.
4.  Firefighter, 12%.
5.  Farmer, 6%.
The survey also found the LEAST SEXY job is . . . being a POLITICIAN. 


Plus Today’s Free Advice: Five Ways to Reuse Your Dryer Lint?
1.  To start a fire.  Dryer lint is highly flammable.  So use it in a fireplace or a campfire instead of buying lighter fluid.
2.  As a cage liner for hamsters and guinea pigs.  They love it because it's great for building beds and nests.  Just don't use it near a cage heater or electric lamp.
3.  Mulch.  It's great for potted plants or outdoor flowerbeds.  It breaks down naturally and enriches the soil.
4.  Papermaking.  If you make your own paper for crafts or stationery, use dryer lint in the slurry.  Supposedly it adds interesting textures and colors, and is also great in papier maché.
5.  Nesting material for birds.  If you have any trees nearby, birds are probably already raiding your dryer vent for lint.  Might as well collect it and leave it out for them.
Whatever you do, DON'T use lint for stuffing toys or pillows.  It can cause a fire if you're not careful with it.


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03/12/2014 7:12AM
Country Music's Party Of The Year!!
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