What a weekend!

This was a crazy weekend.  I mean crazier than normal. 

We have sold our home so this weekend was the beginning of our packing adventure.  By Saturday afternoon we had most of the guest bedroom ready to go as well as all the decorations and pictures off of every wall in the house.  We also packed up any pictures and knick knacks sitting around.  Then it was off to the Starlight Music Series with Fightin' Texas Aggie Rick Trevino.  He was pretty awesome – I had forgotten how many great songs he had back in the day.  He performed all of his hits as well as a tribute to Freddy Fender and George Jones.  Nice job!

Sunday we did more packing and actually got a pretty good amount of our stuff put into storage.  Then, it was off to a remote broadcast at Los Cucos for a Cinco de Mayo celebration.  I celebrated with fajitas and a virgin pina colada – yummy.  Once the remote was over, it was back to packing…packing…packing…

We finally wrapped up at 9pm.  Thanks Mom & Dad for helping on Sunday – we would never have gotten so much done without your help (or trailer).  Bedtime was a 930.  We were all exhausted.  At Midnight Emrie started crying and wouldn't stop.  I'm still not sure what was wrong.  Probably a combination of congestion from Saturday night on the grassy knoll, Mexican food and half the furniture in her room missing.  Regardless, she didn't want to sleep and she wouldn't let me put her down.  So, she and I halfway slept in a sitting up position on the couch til about 4 this morning.  She finally dozed off and I put her to bed. 

This morning she woke up at 7 singing her ABC's like normal.  I on the other hand looked like I got hit by a truck!!!

Need a weekend to recover from my weekend. 

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