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Should AI be government regulated?

What do you think about AI? Should it be government-regulated? What uses for AI have you encountered in your everyday life?

Have you ever wished you could finish your school essays in two seconds flat? It’s possible with a computer application called ChatGPT, which can write detailed school assignments based on a single prompt quickly and intelligently. It’s an unbelievably advanced Artificial Intelligence tool, and a reality educators must contend with.

With the maturation of AI comes a stream of ethical debates and issues. ChatGPT has been used to write entertaining content, but what’s putting many educators on edge is just how well it can write. Many professors at Texas A&M are concerned about ChatGPT, as well as other similar AI applications, that can write a pivotal essay with near-human accuracy.

Texas A&M Philosophy Professor Martin B. Peterson had this to say: “I can imagine that the government should perhaps introduce some minimum standards that new AI tools have to meet but it’s mostly up to the consumer. What do we prefer? What are we willing to pay for? And that will I believe determine how AI is developed in the future.” You can read more about Texas A&M’s response by clicking HERE.

It’s not all grades and gloom. AI has the potential for positive applications: the reduction of human error, the performance of repetitive jobs; even bomb disposal is made simpler with AI. Still, the sheer power behind this growing technology has many calling for the government to regulate AI and take a proactive stance on controlling its use. Ironically, part of the issue with AI comes from human biases, discrimination, and negative statistics seen in our society.

SkyNet it ain’t, but who knows how ChatGPT and other AI programs will affect the way we listen to RADIO in the future? Let us know your thoughts on the use of AI on our Facebook page by clicking RIGHT HERE.”

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