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Texas A&M Spending Makes up Almost 1% Of GSP in the State


As every Aggie knows, Texas A&M has it all. On top of a stellar football team and the pride that comes with being an Aggie, Texas A&M University’s economic influence on the State of Texas for Fiscal Year 2021-2022 has grown to a stunning $20.8 billion. This is made up of university spending on operations, research, and construction, as well as entrepreneurial activities and student spending, spending from visitors, and former students. This is equivalent to supporting 244,650 jobs – as a matter of fact, spending from the university, employees, current and former students, and visitors is equal to 0.9% of the Gross State Product of Texas.

“As the nation’s largest public university, our impact today is as important as the impact our students will go on to have in the future,” said Interim President Mark A. Welsh III. “Beyond the dollar impact, the inventions, research discoveries, and stories of the great citizens we’re graduating are making a real difference in our state, nation and worldwide.”

Every year, a comprehensive economic analysis examines the economic impact at both the statewide level and within specific regions such as the Brazos Valley and Galveston. Texas A&M’s former students employed in the state of Texas brought in a whopping 13.8 billion dollars in income. The hundreds of thousands of out-of-state visitors are another factor – spending at hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and other state businesses.  It includes contributions from the Health Science Center, too.

It’s no surprise the hard work of Aggies has affected Brazos Valley for the better. The sizeable impact on the Brazos, Burleson, Robertson, Grimes, Washington, Madison and Leon counties is impossible to miss, with 2.7 billion in income added to the total Brazos Valley economy. Texas A&M University, as well as its current and former students, work in approximately one out of every four jobs in Brazos Valley.

Clearly, Texas A&M alumni and current students have a lot to contribute to our state’s GSP. Our own Brandie Alexander is an alumni – Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of ’93. You can learn more about the recently released economic analysis by clicking here.


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