98.3 KORA Dollar Bill Game Contest Rules





  1. CONTEST PERIOD: April 1st-May 10th, 2019



Employees, agents, successors, and assignees of 98.3 KORA-FM, Brazos Valley Communications, LLC, its advertising agencies and promotional companies involved in this Promotion, as well as family and household members of same, shall be ineligible to participate in the Promotion and shall be ineligible for any prize covered herein.  The parties acknowledge that 98.3 KORA-FM, and Brazos Valley Communications, LLC are not liable for reimbursement of any prizes otherwise payable to Promotion contestants who are in violation of this provision or any provision in the contest rules.


Contestants in the promotion must be (18) years of age or older.  Photo ID required.  Contest open exclusively to listeners in the 98.3 KORA-FM listening area.  Employees of 98.3 KORA-FM and it’s partially and fully owned subsidiaries and participating sponsor(s), and the immediate families of those employees are disqualified from participation.    No purchase is necessary.



Official rules are available at the 98.3 KORA-FM Offices located at 1240 E. Villa Maria, Bryan, TX, 77802, during normal business hours from 8 AM-5:30 PM Monday through Friday and on the stations website. Unless otherwise prohibited by law, by participating in the contest, contestants give permission for their name, photo and/or voice to be used for promotional purposes without compensation and agree to abide by contest rules as indicated herein.  Winners must sign promotional release form as condition of receiving prize.  Winner is responsible for all taxes.



Beginning (4/01/2019) listeners will be asked to participate by listening throughout the day Monday through Friday for a chance to win.


The announcement dates and times for the contest plays will be announced on air weekday mornings at  7:30 AM during the promotion period. There will be a maximum total of 36 opportunities (play attempts) to win cash prize amounts ranging from $100.00 to $10,000.00 over the course of the promotion.  This rule may be modified at any time by the station.


98.3 KORA-FM will announce a pre-determined set of numbers and the required order, either “any order” or “exact order”,  to locate within the serial number of a one dollar bill  on-air.  In order to claim the prize, the winner must hold a one-dollar bill with the serial number with the same matching numbers and in the exact numerical order as announced on the air during each play of the game.  The listener must make his/her claim to 98.3 KORA-FM by telephone at 979-776-1240 within ten (10) minutes of the broadcast.  The first caller within the ten (10) minute time limit (i) with a one-dollar bill whose serial number matches THE REQUIRED DIGITS and in the order as announced on the air will win the prize amount announced for that particular play of the game; AND (ii) who brings the winning one-dollar bill to the station by the end of the next business day, AND (iii) who meets all other promotion requirements, will win the prize designated for that play attempt.  If no caller within the ten (10) minute time limit meets the conditions above, then no prize will be awarded for that attempt. The winning contestants must give their name, address, phone number and driver’s license number or Social Security number and the serial number of the winning one-dollar bill on the phone for initial verification.

The winning contestants with matching complete serial numbers must present 98.3 KORA-FM the winning one-dollar bill in person by 5:30 PM on the next business day to be eligible for prize reimbursement. All winning one-dollar bills must be a legal tender, United States Treasury one-dollar bill that will be identified by the winning serial number. Only a one-dollar bill with the exact pre-selected winning serial number will be considered an eligible winning one-dollar bill. The claimant will surrender the winning one-dollar bill for another one-dollar bill and present their driver’s license or Social Security card and valid I.D. for claim verification.


The names and likenesses of winner(s) may be used by 98.3 KORA-FM and their designee(s) for promotional purposes without further compensation to the Promotion winner(s).



Dollar bills that are mutilated, altered, copied, forged, counterfeited, or tampered with in any way will be considered void and will not be accepted for any prize award.  No prize substitutions.  For the name of the winner(s), send a separate, self-addressed stamped envelope to:  98.3 KORA-FM, 1240 E. Villa Maria, Bryan, TEXAS 77802.  Please include date in question.



98.3 KORA-FM reserves the right to modify contest rules at any time without prior notice.  Stations general contest rules also apply.  Winners may only win once during any thirty (30) day period.

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