Brandie Alexander

Howdy!  I’m Brandie Alexander – Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of ’93. WHOOP!  I was born and bred in Brenham, Texas where I was raised on good old fashioned country music.  From early on my parents took me to the dance halls with them (that was allowed back in the day).




Young NHL Star Injured

The Edmonton Oilers earned an important win against the Philadelphia Flyers and yet GM Peter Chiarelli said Wednesday “it feels like a loss.” That’s beacause Chiarelli announced rookie sensation Connor McDavid will have surgery on a broken left collarbone and will be “out indefinitely. Not

49er QB Drama Going Badly

The San Francisco 49ers’ decision to bench quarterback Colin Kaepernick this in favor of backupBlaine Gabbert “won’t end well,” for the Niners, former NFL head coach Tony Dungy predicted. Tony Dungy: Colin Kaepernick benching ‘won’t end well’ for 49ers Via Former NFL coach


Zombify yourself and head on over to The Backyard on Northgate Thursday, October 22nd at 8:00 p.m. to get your Zombie Pub Card and free t-shirt*, then crawl/walk/creep around to participating Northgate bars to have your zombie card stamped! 

Casket Carrier

Yesterday,  someone asked me where Brian works.  I told them Saint-Gobain.  Then they asked what the company does to which Aiden replied "they make casket carriers."   Casket carriers?!  Blahahaha! In case you're wondering Saint Gobain actually makes catalyst carriers.  It

What's In A Name?

BranMuffin, RaisinBrandie, Brandielicious, Brandie-Brandie-Bo-Bandy…all names I've considered for my new twitter account. Yesterday, one of my friends kept saying hashtag before every word – it was annoying but funny at the same time. He finally chastized me

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