Feeling kind of funky this morning? It's not just you!

A new survey was just released that claims women feel least attractive on Monday's; Grand Supreme Runner Up Ugly Day is Sunday.  So, if you woke up in a funk and found it hard to look in the mirror this morning – it's not just you. 

Emotions, obviously, have an effect on how we feel as well: situationally, the women polled reported feeling most unattractive while waking up (69 percent), when sick (67 percent), sweating (62 percent), stressed (61 percent), crying (60 percent), and the end of a long day (54 percent). 

I don't know that we necessarily needed an official survey to tell us that but there it is.  If nothing else the whole survey made me a little grumpier than normal.  The good news is that according to this we should be feeling beautiful by Thursday. 

Guess I know how our church pictures will turn out tonight. 

Happy Monday!

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