Andrew Grimm, 7pm-10pm

What’s up!? I’m Andrew! You can hear me in your radio weekday evenings! I was born and raised in Giddings, TX. I enjoy anything that has to do with sports (although baseball is the best), music, movies, and hunting. Some special skills of mine include being a fantasy football juggernaut (don’t believe me? Ask Rob), juggling, and being able to lick my elbow. Before I go, I just want you to remember 2 things: 1.) Matthew 19:26 and 2.) When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month or even your year… I’ll be there for you




Forget about Valentine‘s Day, let’s talk about what we can watch on TV in February while eating heart-shaped chocolate. There’s new stuff coming out starting Feb. 1st! Starting with Disney’s Finding Dory! -Wasn’t that JUST in theaters?

Pant-less Traveler

The holidays have been full of celebrations and traveling! Traveling can sometimes turn into the best (or worst) people watching scenarios. In this case, this scenario was a plane passenger who decided to remove those jeans while

October Netflix & Chill

Best part of the month? Payday. Second best part of the month? Netflix new releases announcement. Here’s what they’ve got going for October, according to ( AVAILABLE OCTOBER 1 A Cinderella Story (2004) Barbershop 2: Back in