“You Make It Easy” to collaborate: Jason Aldean and FGL reveal they've recorded a new duet

ABC RadioJason Aldean celebrated the #1 success of “You Make It Easy” Thursday at his Kitchen + Rooftop Bar in downtown Nashville, alongside the song’s co-writers, Florida Georgia Line and Morgan Wallen

Talking to reporters before the party started, FGL revealed they’ve recorded a new song with Jason for their next album.

“I just think it can’t come out soon enough,” Brian Kelley says.

“It’s a smash,” Tyler Hubbard chimes in.

“It’s a big old smash,” Brian agrees, “and we had a really good time in the studio. That was one of the few collaborations that we’ve done where we were in the studio together and all there.”

“There was definitely magic in the room,” he goes on, “and it felt good kinda already, but I mean, he brought the thing to life. And I think we’ve presented it in a way that’s different, that’s fresh. And it feels like a big old anthem.”

While we don’t know the title of the song or when FGL’s album will be released, we do know Jason is dying to perform it with his pals.

“It’s [an up-]tempo kinda thing,” the three-time ACM Entertainer of the year explains, “which I always love those songs, because not only is it great for a live show, or if we get the chance to do something on an awards show…

“Or a big tour,” Brian interjects.

“A big tour…” Jason concurs. “Just any kind of thing like that, where you have a chance to come out during one of their shows… and do a collaboration thing they’re not expecting.”

At the party, the RIAA revealed that “You Make It Easy” is the first country single to go platinum this year, while Jason’s Rearview Town is the first country album to go gold in 2018.

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