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3 Videos You Can't Miss Out On!

COWBOY NEWS Country Music Headlines
Martina McBride is #1 on Billboard’s Country Albums chart with her covers compilation Everlasting.  

Luke Bryan’s Crash My Party follows at number-two, while Florida Georgia Line’s Here’s to the Good Times checks in at number-three.

Out Among the Stars from the late Johnny Cash and Eric Church’s Outsiders round out the Top 5.

The tradition at the end of a LADY ANTEBELLUM tour is to exchange gifts with their opening act…KIP MOORE brought Charles, Dave and Hillary his tokens of appreciation and then they gave him a box of boxes…with an expensive watch inside.

A flashback to that first weekend in April when we sent BLAIR JONES to the A-C-Ms in Vegas…DIERKS BENTLEY made a behind the scenes video of the event, check it out here!


LEE BRICE and his wife star in the video to his song "I Don't Dance".  It features actual footage from his wedding last year. 

BRAD PAISLEY will be making a guest appearance on the May 8th season finale of "Two and a Half Men".  He'll star opposite his wife, KIMBERLY WILLIAMS-PAISLEY.  She plays the girlfriend of JON CRYER'S character Alan

LORRIE MORGAN hasn't had a hit record in a long time, but that's okay because she makes a living working for Red Hot Jingles, the company she co-founded with her brother.  You may have heard their "Easy Capeezy" commercials for Liberty Tax.

The Top Five Reasons People Quit Their Job
According to a new survey, almost two-thirds of people say they've considered quitting the job they currently have.  Here are the five most common reasons.
1.  Not getting paid enough. 
51% of people who've thought about quitting say it's because they don't make enough.
2.  Not getting promoted, 31%.
3.  The job isn't fulfilling enough, 26%.
4.  It's too stressful, 24%.
5.  Not using their education or job skills, 21%. 
In fact, only 24% of the people surveyed said they're doing what they SET OUT to do.

What Do Guys Do to Impress You . . . But Just Makes You Cringe?
What do guys do to try to impress you . . . but really just makes you cringe?  Here are five of the most popular answers:

1.  Talking smack about your boyfriend to get you to break up with him.
2.  Immediately bragging or showing off at the beginning of a conversation, about anything from money, to how smart they are, to how much they can drink.
3.  Crazy aggressive driving.
4.  Talking about how many women they've slept with . . . or showing you photos or texts they've gotten from other women.
5.  Talking about how ripped they are, or wearing a shirt that's two sizes too small to show off their muscles. 

Seven Ways to Make Yourself Charming
1.  Make a lot of gestures.  People apparently respond to really animated people.  But don't act like a clown.

2.  Have a contagious laugh.  A good laugh makes everyone around you want to join in.  But a bad laugh can be the death knell.  Don't be the person with the irritating cackle that you can hear a mile away.

3.  Be touchy.  In the good way.  Charming people have a light touch and it makes people feel comfortable to get a pat on the shoulder or a tap on the arm.  Just don't be a GROPER.

4.  Use eye contact.  And have a nice, open expression.  You don't want to go for a hard, cold poker face.

5.  Be outgoing with strangers.  People, especially shy ones, appreciate someone who is easygoing and open.  Just don't be awkward and overdo the friendliness.

6.  Get good at MIMING.  That may sound crazy, but stories are better if you act them out with body language.  It helps people relate to you and visualize what you're saying.  Again, be cool about it . . . don't wave you're arms around like a freak.

7.  Have an awesome voice.  Good voices are expressive and powerful.  They change pitch, tone, and volume with ease.



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04/17/2014 8:04AM
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