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Howdy, I'm Fightin' Texas Aggie Colt, Class of 2014!

My life is defined on account of 3 things: 
  1. The Almighty God, family, and friends
  2. A quote: "Every calling is great when every calling is pursued."
  3. Music
Music is such a huge part of our lives on account of it can change the way we think, feel, and love in a matter of just a few seconds.  Whether we want to be inspired by U2, uplifted by Christian music, happy by Florida-Georgia line, or get in the zone with some rock’n’roll like ACDC or Van Halen, music is the spirit of the world. 

6 Ways NOT To Fall Asleep

Do you ever have those nights when you can’t fall asleep? I’ve had one..or two..or four already this week! Well two nights ago I decided to make mental note of what DOESN’T work to help you drift into dreamland. Maybe you'll take a few notes so you can avoid making the same mistakes as me!
 What Not To Do To Fall Asleep:

1. Change your clothes.
For some reason my very first thought when I can’t sleep is that it HAS to be due to what I’m wearing. When I’m wrestling with my blankets trying to get some shuteye my first solution is to completely change from one big t-shirt to another. Quickly, Tuesday night I found out that this wasn’t the solution.
2. Lay facing a different direction.
Head facing the headboard and feet facing the wall? I assume that’s normal for most of us. One way to not fall asleep is change your vertical sleep position to a horizontal one to where BOTH your head and feet are hanging off the bed. That tends to make the situation worse.
3. Move from your bed to the floor.
This is very similar to number two. Why would your floor be more comfortable than your bed? It’s not.
4. Chug numerous glasses of water.
            You’ll end up in the bathroom, not in dream-land.
5. Turn your speakers to loud and play "white noise."
If you’re anything like me, with one eye open you’ll search “white noise” on the device of your preference and play the first result that pops up. Well BIG MISTAKE. Out of the speakers will burst this loud hellish death metal sound that is most definitely NOT the white noise you imagine would help you fall asleep.
6. Cut a NYQUIL capsule in half and suck out the liquid.
Did I just drink poison? Maybe you’re trying to fall asleep and the only ailment is that you need something drowsy in your system. BUT to your dismay you have to be up in FOUR hours, and you know you’ll sleep for ten if you take a whole capsule. It may seem like a great idea at the time to find a way to only take half of the liquid gel pill… IT’S NOT. You have been warned. You’ll stay awake thinking of calling poison control instead of having those precious sweet dreams. conclusion, I’ve spent wayyyyy to many nights this week with little sleep. On that note, if anyone has a list of ideas that DO work to help you fall asleep… PLEASE let me know!


02/20/2014 12:38PM
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