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Bathrooms, Carbs, & Sequels!

What's Something You're Always Happy to See in Someone Else's Bathroom?


1.  A lit candle.  It smells nice, keeps the room from being completely dark when you walk in, and makes you feel like you're someplace super classy.
2.  A small trash can next to the toilet with a lid on it.
3.  A fan that can mask noises and circulate air.
4.  A clean hand towel to wipe your hands on, so you're not using someone's shower towel.
5.  A lock on the door.
6.  A plunger.  Just in case. 
JUST SO YOU KNOW: Even though men can pee standing up, they spend MORE time ON the toilet than women . . . an average of one hour and 35 minutes per week, or about 14 minutes a day . . . women spend an average of 55 minutes on the toilet per week, or about eight minutes a day.

 -- Anything y'all wanna add?? Comment below!

Five Signs You Should Be Eating More Carbs

1.  You have bad breath.  When your body burns fat, it releases foul-smelling chemicals called ketones.  And a lot of them are released in your breath.  There's no way to avoid it.  It's just a drawback of going on a low-carb diet.
2.  Your workouts are slipping.  If you're finding it harder and harder to keep up with your workouts, you might not be getting enough carbs.  It's a sign that your body is using stored protein for muscle building, which means you'll have less energy.
3.  You're not thinking clearly.  Your brain uses carbs for energy.  So if you're keeping away from carbs, your brain gets tired just like anything else.  You might have trouble remembering things, or you might just feel slow and kind of fuzzy.
4.  You're always cranky.  There could be two reasons.  Low-carb diets are no fun, because you're eating more high-calorie foods, so you have to eat smaller portions.  Also, carbs help the body produce serotonin, which makes you feel happier.
5.  You're irregular.  Cutting out carbs usually means cutting out most of your fiber too.  So you'll tend to get constipated


10 Sequels That Out-Grossed the Originals

"Die Hard 2:  Die Harder":  The original made $83 million.  The sequel made $117.5 million.

"The Hunger Games:  Catching Fire":  The original made $408 million.  The sequel made $424.7 million.

"The Karate Kid Part 2":  The original made $90.8 million.  But the sequel made $115.1 million.  And that was WITHOUT THE CRANE KICK.

"Rambo:  First Blood Part 2""First Blood" made $47.2 million, while the second installment, which turned the tragic lead character into a raging macho '80s action hero, blew it away with $150.4 million.

"Terminator 2:  Judgment Day":  The original pulled in $38.4 million . . . while the sequel made $204.8 million.

"Toy Story 2":  The original grossed $191.8 million . . . the sequel banked $245.9 million.  "Toy Story 3" slaughtered them both, with $415 million.

"The Road Warrior", a.k.a. "Mad Max 2""Mad Max" was a little Australian indie flick that banked $8.8 million.  The sequel blew that away with $36.2 million.

"Austin Powers:  The Spy Who Shagged Me":  The original pulled in $53.8 million.  The sequel made $206 million.  The third installment, "Austin Powers in Goldmember", continued the upward trend by banking $213 million.

"The Dark Knight""Batman Begins" was a pretty huge hit, taking in $206.8 million.  But the second part of the trilogy more than DOUBLED that, with $534.9 million.  Part 3, "The Dark Knight Rises", fell a little short, with a take of $448 million.

"Anchorman 2:  The Legend Continues":  The first flick made $85.3 million . . . while the sequel, released nine years later, took in $127.4 million.

-NOW, for something completely different ....

COWBOY NEWS Country Music Headlines

Blake Shelton kicks off the 2014 version of his Ten Times Crazier tour on June 20th in Austin, Texas. The trek includes a sold-out date on August 1st at New York's Madison Square Garden -- a venue Blake thought he'd never ever play.
After taking a breather to sort through his personal issues, Trace Adkins is ready to hit the road this summer. Earlier this year, Trace went to rehab after a brawl on a cruise ship with an impersonator. Soon after, his father died. Then in March, his wife of almost 17 years filed for divorce.
Brantley Gilbert has the nation's number-one country album with Just as I Am. Rascal Flatts' Rewind is #2, Florida Georgia Line's Here's to the Good Times is #3, Luke Bryan's Crash My Party #4, and Hunter Hayes's Storyline #5.
Luke Bryan has been named People Country's Sexiest Man. 
Luke beat out some stiff competition, including his buddy Blake Shelton. He jokes, “I’m a lot better-looking than Blake! Blake’s going to have to pluck his eyebrows a bit –- his eyebrows cost him this.” Pretty boy Luke is not above getting a facial peel. "If it makes your face look better, I may try it.”  
MIRANDA LAMBERT doesn't think graduating seniors should feel pressure to do, well, anything.  At least not right away.  She says, quote, "I didn't go to college but I think everybody should try it if you really think it's for you.  But, don't be discouraged if you don't think you have a vision of what you want to do . . . it's okay to float for a little while, that's not a terrible thing."
ANGALEENA PRESLEY, the guitar-slinging brunette from the PISTOL ANNIES, is releasing her first solo album in the fall.  She says, quote, "Producing this was important to me because of its content.  I've lived every word of it and knew exactly how I wanted it to sound."

JOE NICHOLS released the video to his song "Yeah".  It's the second single from his "Crickets" album.

AND CMA Fest is going right now in New York, Off Broadway
.... WOW Is it A BIG Deal!!


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Bathrooms, Carbs, & Sequels!
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