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Country Stars Falling Through Ceilings and Breaking Wrists...Sounds Dangerous!

Country stars were asked who they would trade places with... here's what they said!

A CEMENT truck tipped into a car in College Station... and it's all on a dashcam video!

COWBOY NEWS Country Music Headlines
You know that silly movie cliché where someone's foot pops through the ceiling from the floor above?  It actually happened to JAMES OTTO.  He posted a pic on Facebook and wrote, "I'm an idiot!  Was working in the attic and stepped for a beam and missed.  Put my foot through the ceiling.  By the way, his temporary fix was white duct tape.

DAN SMYERS, the taller one in DAN + SHAY, was involved in a car accident on Tuesday.  It wasn't serious, but he did break his wrist and ended up spending the day in the emergency room.
 He Tweeted a pic of his left hand in a cast and wrote, " Broken wrist or not, the show must go on." opening for HUNTER HAYES
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In TRACY LAWRENCE'S video to his song "Lie", he catches his best friend messing around with his girl.  It's based on a true story, except HE was the one who broke the code.  He says, quote, "I was supposed to be looking after her, but we hooked up."  His buddy caught them together and proceeded to punch him out.  Tracy says, quote, "I never saw it coming."

LEE BRICE'S song "I Don't Dance" was chosen by the website TheKnot.com for their Dream Wedding of Rebekah Gregory and Pete DiMartino.  They're the couple that survived last year's Boston Marathon bombing.

Perhaps you're interested in some free downloads from "People Country"?  This time out you can get music from Rascal Flatts, Sara Evans, David Nail, Eli Young Band and Frankie Ballard.


Five Random Facts For Friday
1.  The only member of ZZ TOP without a beard is the drummer . . . named FRANK BEARD.
2.  In the 1960s, about 15% of baby boys in the U.S. had a first name ending in the letter "n."  Now it's up to 36%, thanks to the popularity of names like Aiden, Jayden, and Brayden.
3.  The Cliffs Notes version of "The Scarlet Letter" outsells the actual book almost four to one.
 4.  The Vikings believed that in heaven there was a giant goat whose udders provided an unlimited supply of beer.
5.  JODIE FOSTER speaks such perfect French that she does her own dubbing for the French versions of her movies.


Five Signs that “Your Man” Is Playing You
1.  He's fickle. 
Meaning he texts and flirts with you one day, then ignores you for the next two weeks.  If he wanted to date you, he'd find a way to get in touch.


2.  He never makes plans. 
If you never make plans ahead of time, and just hang out whenever he spontaneously gets in touch, he's probably just using you because you're convenient.
3.  He has a bad reputation. 
You can't believe everything you hear, but if he's got a reputation for being a player, that's obviously something you need to keep in mind.
4.  He never talks about himself. 
If you've known a guy for weeks and still don't know anything about his childhood or family, it's because he wants to keep things surface-level.
5.  He only flirts in private. 
Sure, some people are shy or don't like PDA, but if he ONLY flirts with you on the phone or when you're alone together, it's because he wants to keep you a secret.


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04/11/2014 8:16AM
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