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Driving, Kids, & Coffee... & Trouble with Ron Burgundy!

Driving, Children, and Coffee... one is good for another and one is not!

NEW STUDY: coffee can SAVE your LIFE.
  Researchers looked at long-haul truckers and found that drinking coffee or some other source of caffeine reduced the risk of getting into an accident by 63%.  Two in five truckers use caffeine.
Another NEW STUDY: by researchers in Australia, the biggest distraction to drivers is . . . having kids in the car.  Parents with kids in the car take their eyes away from the road for an average of three minutes and 22 seconds over a 16-minute car trip.  That means that kids are 12 times more distracting than talking on the phone.  And babies are eight times more distracting than older passengers.

welppp, we say leave the kids at home and bring the biggest Coffee Mug you got with ya!

And here is a new Taylor Swift Video, it features Ron Burgundy... if you like the one with the Goat, you will enjoy this one too!!

The End of the Week is closing in fast, hang in there!

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03/21/2013 8:46AM
Driving, Kids, & Coffee... & Trouble with Ron Burgundy!
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