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Ducks, Swearing, T-Swift, Zombies, Office Weight Loss, & Bad Bosses!

It’s a Hi-larious, kinda Tuesday!

For all of you who are as hooked on the Quack-Pack as Roger and Jessy are, here are a couple hilarious videos of the Duck Dynasty Folk:

Hey, Jack! I bet you didn’t know____:

The Harlem Shake, Duck Commander Buck Commander Style, This makes Jessy Happy, Happy, Happy..
Today’s First Winner of the Day Contest talked about:
According to a new survey, women are more likely than men to swear when they're driving.  48% of women admit to using bad language behind the wheel, compared to 40% of men.  And the three things most likely to make us curse are:  The GPS . . . getting cut off . . . and people who don't use their turn signal.  

In Country Music News:
Jessy’s Favorite, TAYLOR SWIFT, visited with a 10-year-old cancer patient named Lauren Hacker at Omaha's Children's Hospital on Saturday.  She also brought a "bag of goodies" and autographed everything in sight!! Lauren's family and friends put together a YouTube video featuring Taylor's song "You Belong With Me" . . . but with the lyrics changed to talk about Lauren's cancer and how she's such a huge fan.  Taylor's people contacted them after she saw the video.
The Trio, LADY ANTEBELLUM will be the first act EVER to appear at the new AT&T U-verse Fan Fair X . . . which is part of the CMA Music Festival in Nashville…they will perform on June 6th. 
In New Music News: "Highway Don't Care" is the next official radio single from Tim McGraw's Two Lanes of Freedom album. The country superstar duets with Taylor Swift while Keith Urban accompanies them on guitar.
The recently turned 30 year old, CARRIE UNDERWOOD, jokingly tells her crew to treat her like royalty on her birthday.  She says, quote, "When we are working, like on the road, everyone calls me Princess Carrie.  They're like 'Yeah, yeah, Carrie.'  And I'm like 'Yeah, what?'  And they're like 'Princess Carrie.'"
In Weird Wacky World News:
In case you didn’t know, Jessy HATES Zombies and wishes people would stop obsessing over them well….. ZOMBIES are such a hot trend right now because,  according to a professor at Clemson University, zombie stories have always historically peaked in pop culture when people are the most UNHAPPY.  Right now, because of the economic trouble, we feel, quote, "disempowered" and almost DEAD INSIDE . . . like zombies!! Scary!!!!
Word to the Wise, for you Spring Breakers going to the Beach….. On Sunday, a 12-year-old boy was swimming off the coast of New Zealand when he got hit by several big waves, and was in danger of being washed out to sea.  He fought for eight minutes and was pulled 500 feet away . . . but people on the beach formed a HUMAN CHAIN more than 13 people long, and managed to bring him back to shore.   
And for those of you NOT on Spring break and working all week long…… Researchers have figured out how many calories you burn each time you CLICK YOUR MOUSE.  The answer is . . . the equivalent of 0.00142 calories.  The average office worker clicks about 5,000 times a day . . . which burns SEVEN CALORIES!!
Tuesday’s Question of the Day talked about:
A new poll ranked the worst FASHION TRENDS of the 21st century . . . even though we're only 12 years into it.  Sagging pants and exposed underwear on men came in first.  Jeggings, fake designer purses, and socks with sandals made the list too.
Your Free- Advice for the Day:
Four Traits of Terrible Bosses
According to an expert on leadership and middle management, here are the top four traits of terrible bosses. 
 #1.)  They Act Like They're Above You.  A good boss makes you feel like everyone's part of the same team.  But a lot of people in middle management like to make it abundantly clear that YOU are working for THEM.
 #2.)  They're Not Transparent.  Good bosses don't come across like they have a hidden agenda.  And they also don't try to solve every problem on their own.  
#3.)  They're Undisciplined.  A good boss keeps tabs on everything, and they're clear about what their expectations are.  Bad bosses tend to ask for something, then not follow up until two weeks later, right before they NEED it.
 #4.)  They're Detached.  Meaning they're always in their office, and don't have much face-to-face time with you. Which doesn't just kill morale, but It's also bad for business, because without spending time around their staff, they don't get a solid idea of what your strengths and weaknesses are.
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03/12/2013 7:48AM
Ducks, Swearing, T-Swift, Zombies, Office Weight Loss, & Bad Bosses!
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