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GHOST TOWNS: Northeast blizzard keeps millions home as forecasters revise snow predictions downward
Quotes from the Screen Actors Guild Awards
Kid Rock Remembers Glory Days With "First Kiss"
'BANKER' SPY Feds bust NYC-based Russian espionage ring
Spotify's Top 10 most viral tracks
'WAKE-UP CALL' Experts: Drone crash on WH lawn shows vulnerability
Spotify's Top 10 most streamed tracks
PUBLIC HEALTH MYSTERY Addiction, advertising, and why teenagers still smoke
Oscar nominations announced for best picture
MAKING NO FRIENDS Hacker group claims they knocked Facebook offline
Oscar nominations announced for supporting actress
Obama calls for religious tolerance, gender equity at close of India visit - Obama leads delegation paying tribute to late Saudi king
Kurds kick out ISIS from Kobani in major victory - Japanese envoy hopeful for release of hostage, pilot held by ISIS - US drone kills 3 Al Qaeda fighters in first strike since Yemen leader resigned - VIDEO: Is Obama administration doing enough to defeat ISIS?
Cuba's $6B debt to Americans for seized properties hangs over US talks - Fidel Castro says he backs normalization talks
Justice Department working on national car-tracking database
House GOP leaders cancel vote on border security bill amid blizzard of complaints - Keystone bill fails to clear Senate hurdle
2 bodies found near site of missing Georgia couple's car
N.J. man pulled over in HOV lane was not alone – he had two kidnapping victims in back seat
TODD STARNES: Michael Moore invokes Jesus in 'Sniper' rant
Benghazi Select Committee leaders spar over witness interviews
US gas stations may be ripe for hacking
Freed Al Qaeda operative floated as part of prisoner swap, ex-diplomat says - OPINION: Obama's legacy takes scary turn - VIDEO: Al Qaeda agent proposed as part of swap - VIDEO: Did WH open Pandora's box with Bergdahl prisoner swap?
Dropkick Murphys tell Gov. Walker: 'We literally hate you'
Patriots' locker room attendant reportedly focus of NFL 'Deflate-gate' probe - Football factory prepares for Super Bowl
Obama administration to overhaul Medicare payments to doctors, hospitals
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