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Heck Yes, Or B.S....??!

Yes or B.S.: Ridiculous Celebrity Endorsements

It's time for "YES or B.S."  We give you a statement, and you decide YES, it's true . . . or NO, it's total B.S.  
---Drew Brees is endorsing a new motorcycle, even though his NFL contract says he can't RIDE it.  So today's theme is dumb celebrity endorsements.

1.  Hulk Hogan once tried to steal business from George Foreman with a product called the Hulk Hogan Ultimate Grill.
Yes:  But it didn't sell well, and then there was a story in 2008 about how it might be a FIRE HAZARD.  Also, Hulk once said the Foreman Grill people originally came to HIM for an endorsement.  But he ended up slapping his name on a blender instead.

2.  Snoop Dogg once did an ad for a mobile phone company in Germany, where he played a lounge singer who climbed out of some guy's refrigerator and started singing.
Yes:  It was in 2008 for a company called VybeMobile. 
(Watch the ad here.)
3.  In the mid-80's, Madonna did a lipstick ad in France where she kissed 50 different guys in less than 30 seconds.
B.S.  We made that one up.  just SOUNDS like something she did in 80's.
4.  Julia Roberts did a coffee ad in Italy where all she did was take a sip, smile, pretend to laugh, and then wink.  And she reportedly made over a million bucks for it.
Yes:  It was for a company called Lavazza.  (Watch it here.)
5.  Tommy Lee Jones did a series of ads in Japan where he played an alien who was visiting Earth DISGUISED as Tommy Lee Jones.
Yes:  You can watch a seven-minute montage of them on YouTube. 
(Watch it here.)

COWBOY NEWS Country Music Headlines

TAYLOR SWIFT is being sued by the Lucky 13 clothing company for selling merchandise on her website that says "Lucky 13."  The company reached out to Taylor's people but got no response so now they're asking for a piece of the profits.  They're also trying to shut down her online store.
TIM MCGRAW and FAITH HILL like to have friends over for "No Social Media" nights at their house.  And their teenage daughters actually participate in no Twitter or Facebook…Tim has 1.7 million Twitter followers and close to seven million Facebook likes
KRISTEN BELL will be hosting this year's "CMT Music Awards", which is June 4th.  It's her third round as host, but first time alone.  She was paired up with JASON ALDEAN last year, and TOBY KEITH in 2012.
DUSTIN LYNCH will be at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville next month, be playing for free at the Riverfront Stage…and let’s just hope he doesn’t fall into the river…Speaking of Dustin, Here is the Music video for “Where It’s at”….
JOE NICHOLS is a dad again.  His wife Heather gave birth to a daughter yesterday, and they named her Georgia Blue.
MARTINA MCBRIDE released the video for her version of THE SUPREMES song "Come See About Me" . . . which is from her soul covers album "Everlasting".
Brantley Gilbert leaves today for a motorcycle ride from Athens, Georgia to Arlington, Virginia to raise awareness of fallen soldiers. He will also be at the Indy 500 and the Coca-Cola 600 on Sunday. On Monday his final stop will be at Arlington Cemetery in Virginia for a special Memorial Day ceremony!

PLUS... Yesterday, Roger & Jessy discovered that David Fanning's "Drink You Away", was not written by David!!
Turns out it was written by, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!
Justin, had hired David to perform it as a Country Song, because Justin wanted to release it as a Country Single... BUT after Justin Timberlake heard how fantastic David's version was, Justin decided to let DAVID FANNING release it as HIS New Single! 
---Here are videos of both David & Justin performing “Drink you Away”…

And Justin's Version...

How Much Money Would It Take For You to Give Up Facebook, Give Up Hot Showers, or Eat a Cockroach?

 eBay just ran a survey where they asked 1,000 people how much it would take to do a bunch of tough, disgusting, or dangerous things.  Here are the average answers for the best ones . .
1.  Give up Facebook for a year . . . $1,000.
2.  Give up Netflix for a year . . . $10,000.
3.  Give up your smart phone for a year . . . $32,500.
4.  Give up caffeine for a year . . . $55,000.
5.  Go without shaving for a year . . . $100,000.
6.  Go without music for a year . . . $550,000.
7.  Go without a hot shower for a year . . . $1 million.
8.  Live with 50 cats for a year . . . $5.5 million.
9.  Shave your entire body . . . $5.5 million. 
10.  Not speak for an entire year . . . $10 million.
11.  Eat a cockroach . . . $100 million.
12.  Live with 300 spiders for three weeks . . . $100 million.
13.  Skydive from space . . . no amount of money.
14.  Swim with sharks without a cage . . . no amount of money.
15.  Do pull-ups hanging 20 stories in the air . . . no amount
16.  Travel to mars . . . no amount of money. 

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05/21/2014 8:10AM
Heck Yes, Or B.S....??!
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