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How Country Stars Spent St. Patrick's Day


TIM MCGRAW and his well-toned physique were in a balmy climate yesterday riding a Jetovator, which is a flying water motorcycle.  He Tweeted a pic and wrote, "Here's how I'm spending St. Patrick's Day."

Eric Paslay decided to play off the whole 'leprechaun' similarities for St.Patrick's Day - and gave us exactly what we wanted

COWBOY NEWS Country Music Headlines
The wildlife at the Nashville home Florida Georgia Line’s BRIAN KELLY shares with wife Brittney Cole might make some great footage for the Outdoor Channel. The couple’s first home is set up like a tree house on 32 acres of land with scenic forested views. 

JASON ALDEAN is dating Brittany Kerr -- the girl he was caught kissing in a Sunset Strip bar in 2012 while he was still married. At the time, he said that he was drunk and that the incident was a mistake. Brittany, who once competed on American Idol, was spotted at backstage at his show in Austin, Texas recently. Jason's rep confirms that the two are a couple and began dating after Jason and his wife divorced.

COLE SWINDELL is working so hard on his career, that he doesn't have time for a relationship.  He says, quote, "I've worked so hard for this and I haven't let anything get in the way yet."  And he's not going to let up even if the right person comes along.  "It's gonna have to be somebody that understands what I do and loves me for me."

The cover for BRANTLEY GILBERT’S upcoming album, Just as I Am, has been revealed! Fans helped uncover the cover through a social media campaign over the weekend. The album will be in stores on May 19th.

Johnny Manziel Featured in New McDonald's Commercial... With LeBron James
Johnny never fails to both surprise us and make us proud... watch him strike the Heisman pose in this new commercial with Lebron:

Half of Us Believe in One of These Six Medical Conspiracy Theories
According to a new study from the University of Chicago, . . .
1.  37% believe the FDA is preventing us from getting natural cures for cancer and other diseases, because of pressure from drug companies.
2.  20% believe health officials know cell phones cause cancer but aren't stopping it . . .  because cell phone companies won't let them.
3.  20% of people believe vaccines cause autism, even though that link has been scientifically DISPROVEN.
4.  12% of people believe the CIA intentionally infected black people with HIV, while pretending to give them hepatitis inoculations.
5.  12% of people believe the distribution of genetically modified foods by Monsanto is part of a secret program called Agenda 21 to shrink the world's population.
6.  And 12% of people believe the fluoride added to water is a secret way for chemical companies to dump dangerous waste. 
The authors say we tend to believe in conspiracies because,  "They seem like very compelling explanations for complicated situations." 

Eight Things We Do That Servers Hate
1.  Stacking plates. 
You might THINK you're helping, but it actually makes it harder for them.  They have their own way of balancing stuff, so just let them handle it.
2.  Letting your kids misbehave.
Waiters hate it when you sit there and enjoy your meal while your kids freak out and make a mess on the floor.  It's even worse when you seat your kids at a separate table and expect the waitress to watch them.
3.  Making a mess. 
Don't rip up your cocktail napkin or straw wrapper into little pieces.  It's immature, and annoys your server.
4.  Talking on your phone. 
Hostesses can't stand it when you walk into a restaurant talking on your cell phone.  And it drives your waiter crazy because they don't know when to interrupt or if the call is important.
5.  Leaving your cell out on the table. 
It makes them nervous that they'll spill something on it.  Just put it away.
6.  Walking in right before closing. 
If you go in five to ten minutes before a restaurant closes, all the workers will have to stay until you leave.  That's really annoying.  Especially if you're the only table there.
7.  Leaving a bad tip. 
First off, don't leave anything besides money.  Apparently, some people like to leave religious literature instead of cash.  And if you pay with a coupon, tip on the full amount of the bill BEFORE the discount.
8.  Lying about allergies. 
If you don't like something and don't want it on your plate, don't lie and claim it's because of an allergy.  That becomes a HUGE deal for the chef and the people in the kitchen.  And your waitress suspects that you're lying.


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03/18/2014 8:09AM
How Country Stars Spent St. Patrick's Day
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