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How Much Time Do You Waste?

You Waste an Hour and 40 Minutes a Day
According to a new survey, the average person wastes one hour and 40 minutes a day.  Although honestly, that seems low...

 Here are the top 20 time wasters in our lives:

1.  Calls from telemarketers.
2.  Dealing with automated telephone systems when you call a company.
3.  Worrying about things that might happen.
4.  Waiting in line at the grocery store.
5.  Unnecessarily hard-to-open packaging.
6.  Traffic jams.
7.  Waiting in lines in general.
8.  Road construction.
9.  Waiting for someone to get back to you.
10.  Self-service checkouts, where you always end up needing an employee to help you out.
11.  TV commercials.
12.  Waiting for websites to load.
13.  "Candy Crush" and other cell phone games.
14.  Facebook.
15.  People that won't listen to you.
16.  Emails that don't really apply to you.
17.  Dusting.
18.  Cleaning.
19.  Twenty minutes of ads and trailers before a movie starts.
20.  Untangling your headphone cables. 


COWBOY NEWS Country Music Headlines
SCOTTY MCCREERY has no regrets about his upcoming show at SeaWorld's Bands, Brews and BBQ on Saturday . . . because he did his homework.  He says, quote, "There are two sides to every story.  I've done my research and feel like it's a fine decision to go out there and play SeaWorld." CNN's "Blackfish" documentary convinced Willie Nelson, Trisha Yearwood, and martina McBride to cancel their appearances for SeaWorld's Bands, Brews and BBQ concert series. But Scotty went beyond just watching the movie. 

STEEL MAGNOLIA has officially broken up.  MEGHAN LINSEY said that it just became really hard and not fun anymore.  JOSHUA [SCOTT JONES] and I dated for such a long time and when we broke up, it just didn’t make sense anymore." 

JETT WILLIAMS, the 61-year-old daughter of Hank Williams Sr., was arrested for DUI Tuesday morning in Lebanon, Tennessee . . . about 25 miles east of Nashville.  She posted $1,000 bail and was released from jail that same morning. 

The "CMT Crossroads" featuring DIERKS BENTLEY and ONE REPUBLIC is set to air March 21st.


 What's the Worst Thing You've Ever Said While Trying to Hit on Someone? 

"I was a waitress and wrote my number on the lid of a container of dressing for a guy.  I winked and said, 'I put a little something extra on your dressing.'  When he left I realized I hadn't put the lid on.  Lord knows what he thought the 'something extra' was."

  "The night I met my wife, I was drunk and told her, 'You remind me of this ugly girl I know.'  My logic was that I shouldn't be talking about other girls, so I'd throw in the 'ugly' to show I wasn't interested.  I still haven't lived it down."

 "I was leaning in to ask a guy, 'What's your name?' but in the middle of the sentence I unleashed a giant burp.  He had a disgusted look and walked away."

  "I had just met a guy and was looking through his Facebook.  When we talked next, I told him, 'The photos of you with your shaved head are hilarious!  You look so weird.'  He had cancer."

  "When I was 17, a girl I really liked told me, 'I think of you like a brother, nothing more.'  I responded, 'I hope you're into incest!'" 

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02/27/2014 8:15AM
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