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It's Friday, And We're Back!

We’re back!!! Just in time for the weekend!!!

According to a new study, the average person goes to bed at 11:15 P.M. and wakes up at 5:50 A.M.   That's only six hours and 35 minutes of sleep a night.  The study also found that 40% of people get LESS than six hours of sleep per night.
- Roger and Jessy can definitely attest to this!!
In Music News:
The Zac Brown band gave an outstanding performance at the Houston Rodeo last night, playing to the largest crowd so far and focusing on the music rather than talk during the performance. It was the most enthusiastic crowd of the week, who were rockin the rafters by the time the band sang “Chicken Fried.”
MIRANDA LAMBERT had to beg KACEY MUSGRAVES to let her record Kacey's song "Mama's Broken Heart".  She also threw her a bone and let Kacey sing backup. --They ran into each other because Kacey's sister was the photographer at Miranda's wedding.  Miranda explains, quote, "At our rehearsal dinner, I went over and asked her, I was like, 'Are you gonna cut this song, or can I have it?' --"And she was like, 'I'll think about it for a couple of days.'  And she emailed me, and said, 'You can have it, if I can sing harmony.'
TAYLOR SWIFT says FAITH HILL is her favorite person in Nashville . . . because Faith sends her flowers on her birthday . . . and cookies when she's sick.
– how sweet!
TIM MCGRAW has pulled in Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Taylor Swift and R&B star Ne-Yo to perform on his CBS special "ACM Presents:  Tim McGraw's Superstar Summer Night".  They're taping it April 8th, which is the night after the ACMs.  No word yet when it's going to air.
-That’s quite the line-up!
In Wacky World News:
In Rhode Island, a car dealership kept having its cars vandalized in the middle of the night . . . so they finally set up hidden surveillance cameras to try to figure out who was doing it.  Turns out it was the owner of a BODY SHOP . . . the body shop the dealership would send its cars to for repairs after they were vandalized.  The body shop owner has been arrested for vandalism and malicious damage.
According to police, "trending hot items" people are stealing right now:  Tide detergent . . . chicken wings . . .human hair . . . gold teeth . . . hay . . . paving stones . . . maple syrup . . . cloth napkins . . . and truck tailgates.
Here are five things you'll have to explain to your kids one day:  Smoking and non-smoking sections in restaurants . . . taking a photo and not getting to see how it came out instantly . . . dialing star-69 . . . taping a song off the radio so you could hear it whenever you wanted . . . and having your friends' phone numbers memorized.
Friday’s First Winner of the Day contest had to do with the following survey:

Gallup just released the results of its annual poll on the HAPPIEST states in the U.S.  And, shocker . . . the people of Hawaii are the happiest in the country.  Hawaii came in first, followed by Colorado, Minnesota, Utah, and Vermont.  West Virginia was the least-happy state, just below Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas.
Today’s Question of The Day Contest had to do with:

HONEY BOO BOO was helping a friend sell her Girl Scout Cookies by placing an ad on her Facebook page, which has more than 700,000 likes.  The Girl Scouts made her take it down, though, because online selling is against the rules.

Friday’s Free-Advice:

5 Red Flags to Watch Out for on a First Date
 eHarmony just put out a list of some first date red flags…a few were kind of interesting. 
 #1.)  They're Pessimistic.  If they describe everything as "the worst," then you should probably expect that kind of attitude to be directed at YOU eventually.
--Then again, if you're the type of person who likes complaining and ripping on people, you might be perfect for each other.
#2.)  Every Time You Tell a Story, They Try to Top It.  It's a sign that they're competitive, which can be a GOOD thing.
--But if they seem OVERLY competitive, it could mean they're insecure.  And they might not end up being very supportive, because they'll constantly want the upper hand in the relationship.
#3.)  They Mention Their Ex More Than Once.  Once isn't a huge deal.  But if they mention them MORE than once, they're probably not over them yet.  Which doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't date them.  Just keep it in mind.
#4.)  They Check Their Phone More Than Twice During Dinner.  It's either because they feel awkward or nervous, or because they're not interested in what you're saying.  And either way, it means you're probably not hitting it off.
#5.)  They Drink Too Much.  Again, it might just mean they're nervous.  Or it might mean they have a problem, because most people are capable of dialing it down on a first date so they don't get tipsy.
AND Today’s #1 Song on This Date In history was:
1980 - Waylon Jennings', "I Ain't Living Long Like This," #1 Billboard country chart

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