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Random Facts & Pet Peeves About Your Significant Other

Five Random Facts For Thursday

1.  Up to ONE BILLION BIRDS die in the U.S. every year by crashing into windows.  That means windows kill 10% of the bird population every year . . . although cats kill even more, a minimum of 1.3 billion.
2.  4:12 P.M. is the time you're most likely to break a diet . . . it's a mix of being hungry, bored at work, and surrounded by unhealthy foods.
3.  Think the French are so much more SOPHISTICATED when it comes to eating?  One out of every two sandwiches sold in France last year was a HAMBURGER.  And 67% of those were at fast food chains.
4.  Speaking English is a BAD THING in high-level Scrabble.  Some of the world's best players are Thai and just memorize words without knowing what they mean . . . which makes them more likely to use the obscure words English speakers forget about.
5.  An only child has never been elected president . . . although four presidents only had half-siblings.  FDR and Bill Clinton had younger half-brothers, Gerald Ford had six half-siblings, and President Obama has two half-sisters and three half-brothers.

COWBOY NEWS Country Music headlines

 Winning Grammy awards is good for music sales: Kacey Musgraves debut album, Same Trailer Different Park, is back atop SoundScan's country album charts. Kacey was #5 last week and #15 two weeks ago…Kacey will be on Austin City Limits Saturday night.
Jennifer Nettles falls to second place with That Girl, Luke Bryan holds steady at three with Crash My Party, Florida Georgia Line's Here's to the Good Times drops to number-four. Taylor Swift's Red moved up from 6 to 5.
Sara Evans says watching television sparks her creativity…like marathon episodes of Downton Abbey, Mad Men and Breaking Bad. That gives her a much-needed break from a demanding career and being a mom to a blended family of six kids. Her new album, Slow Me Down, comes out on March 11th. (Premiere audio)
GLORIANA'S RACHEL REINERT and country radio DJ BOBBY BONES were asked over Twitter if they're dating.  Bobby Tweeted, "I just talked to Rachel.  Her official statement is, 'Yes, we are dating. He's pretty great."
Not all country performers are saying no to SeaWorld's Bands, Brew and BBQ concerts.  ALAN JACKSON and KID ROCK performed there last weekend . . . and GRETCHEN WILSON and BILL ENGVALL are booked for this weekend. (Here’s your sign)
BLAKE SHELTON is asking GARTH BROOKS to get with the times and put his music on iTunes.  He Tweeted, "Dear Garth Brooks.  For the love of God and all that's holy, please get your music on iTunes.  Please!  It's 2014!  #FrustratedFan."
NICKEL CREEK has reunited after seven years.  They've booked a handful of shows this spring . . . with the promise of more to come.  You can grab dates and details at NickelCreek.com.

What Bothers You About Your Significant Other, But You Can't Tell Them?

Here are five of the best ones we've heard so far . . .

 1.  "You're a really bad kisser.  Kissing you is like fighting with a seal over a grape."
2.  "I wish you'd surprise me just once, with anything.  Show up at my office unexpected, a random surprise gift, even a quick kiss when I'm off guard."
3.  "You've got to cut the cord with your parents.  You're 30 and you talk to them multiple times a day and you need their approval to do things . . . even things like riding roller coasters.  It's time to grow up."
4.  "You've gained a lot of weight and… you don't bother even taking off sweatpants or combing your hair before we go out in public.  I still take care of my appearance and I wish you did too."
5.  "Stop texting in baby talk.  I don't read your texts in your cute baby voice, it seems like they were written by a Russian immigrant." 



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Random Facts for This Thursday
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