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Five Random Facts For Monday
1.  During a war between Austria and Turkey in 1788, two Austrian army factions accidentally got into a battle with each other, where 10,000 soldiers were wounded or killed.
2.  The lead singer for TOTO in the mid and late-1980s was Joseph Williams.  His father is JOHN WILLIAMS . . . the composer for "Star Wars".
3.  Only one former cast member has ever been banned from hosting "Saturday Night Live" again . . . CHEVY CHASE.  Mainly for being a jerk to the cast and crew.
4.  From the 1700s through the early 1900s, the second-most spoken language in the U.S. was . . . German.  During World War One, when we were fighting Germany, it became taboo.
Today it's the seventh-most spoken language in the U.S. behind English, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, French, and Vietnamese.
5.  In ancient Persia, people debated ideas twice:  Once when they were sober, once when they were drunk.  The idea had to sound good in BOTH states before they'd start acting on it. 

COWBOY NEWS Country Music Headlines
 A military veteran told CRAIG MORGAN how his music twice saved his life.  The first time was when he was driving in Iraq listening to Craig's music and the CD stuck.  He bent down to restart it right before bullets passed through where his head had been.  The second time was when he was injured in Afghanistan and went into a coma.  When he woke up, one of Craig's songs was playing. 

Movie stars are always talking about how love scenes are awkward to film.  So it's no surprise the same goes for music videos.  CHRIS YOUNG found that out while filming the "Who I Am With You" video. He said, "There's a room full of 14 people and someone is shouting out directions while shooting it.  It's definitely acting, but I hope people watch the video and [think] it looks real and honest."

The DIXIE CHICKS did a cover of the MILEY CYRUS song "Wrecking Ball" during a show in London earlier this month.

It's a tradition at the ACMs to have someone open the show with a song.  This year the honor goes to THE BAND PERRY.  They'll be performing their single "Chainsaw"
18-year-old MARY SARAH was the last person to record a duet with RAY PRICE before he died last year.  It's a cover of his classic "Heartaches By The Number" and it's on her upcoming album called "Bridges", which is due out in May.  You can listen to it at CountryWeekly.com.

Seven Ways to Rise to the Top in Your Career
If you want to rise to the top in your career, here's a list of seven ways make it happen:
1.  Try to be in charge.  If they need someone to be a leader, volunteer. 
2.  Find an ally higher up than you.  You need someone who's going to talk you up when it comes to promotions and raises.
3.  Request a transfer.  This is risky, but if your company is starting up in a new market, it's a great way to prove yourself.
4.  Learn how to negotiate.  Never apologize when you ask for a raise.  And do your research first so you know what you're worth.
5.  Switch to a better industry.  If your current job is in a sector that's floundering, transfer to one where there's room for growth.  Check out companies where they hire more people than they fire.
6.  Don't waste time on haters.  If you're ambitious, you'll make a few enemies, so don't worry about drama.  Focus on your ambition and where it's taking you.
7.  Never say "I can't."  Whatever your boss asks of you, just say yes.  You'll figure out how you'll do it later.

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03/31/2014 7:59AM
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