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The Oscars Are Coming!!

Five Idiotic Dates Inspired By the Oscars
The Oscars are Sunday, so the website Your Tango came up with five idiotic date ideas inspired by this year's nominees...

1.  For "Dallas Buyer's Club", hit up a bar with a mechanical bull or go to a rodeo, since it was a big part of MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY'S character.  But does that theme make sense, when it's a serious movie about AIDS?
2.  Go sailing like LEONARDO DICAPRIO in "The Wolf of Wall Street".  Like a dinner cruise or a sightseeing boat tour.  Which just seems like an odd suggestion, since his yacht in the movie was filled with criminals, hookers, and coke.
3.  Visit an Air and Space Museum in the spirit of "Gravity".  The big one is the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C., but if you can't make it there, you can find a closer option on MuseumLink.com.  Basically, this idea is just boring.
4.  Have a FaceTime date like in "Her".  In the movie, the guy is so lonely he ends up dating his OPERATING SYSTEM.  So yeah . . . not a great inspiration for a date.  But it could go to interesting places, especially if you're already long distance.
5.  Go clubbing in '70s outfits like the disco scene in "American Hustle" with AMY ADAMS and BRADLEY COOPER.  This one actually makes a little more sense.  But still . . . the movie's about con men, lying, criminals, and the mob.

The Latest Odds on Sunday's Oscars
The latest odds from Las Vegas have "12 Years a Slave" easily winning Best Picture at the Oscars this Sunday. 

MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY is expected to win Best Actor

CATE BLANCHETT is favored for Best Actress

Alfonso Cuaron is the odds-on choice to win Best Director for "Gravity"

COWBOY NEWS Country Music Headlines
Scotty McCreery just picked up his first gold record as a writer for his song "See You Tonight." Scotty says he wrote the song from personal experience. Scotty and his team celebrated with a bowling party in Nashville. 

LUKE BRYAN is giving away a free meet-and-greet to 50 sorority girls at one of his spring break shows in Panama City Beach, Florida. The contest ends March 9th.  For more info hit up LukeBryanSororityContest.com.

Josh Turner’s book titled Man Stuff: Thoughts on Faith, Family and Fatherhood comes out on April 29th. Josh writes in the introduction:

In this book you’ll learn a little bit more about how God has shaped and continues to shape me. You’ll also learn about my wife, my boys and the family I grew up in. I hope you see that the everyday small things in this life really do add up to matter a great deal in the long run.

Miranda Lambert will get her own exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame. Miranda Lambert: Backstage Access opens May 16th and runs through November 9th. She says, "The Country Music Hall of Fame is a place to cherish what country music is all about, and I'm so honored to have an exhibit in this treasured hall." The display will include gowns, awards, stage costumes -- even the tweets she posted over the last year.

The TOP 5 Country Songs This Week

BLAKE SHELTON’S “Doing what She likes at #5

Birthday boy JASON ALDEANWhen she says Baby” is #4

LUKE BRYAN’S Drink a Beer” is #3

BRANTLEY GILBERT is at #2 with “Bottom’s Up

America’s #1 country song belongs to COLE SWINDELL, “Chillin It

The Celebrity Sampler Platter
JADA PINKETT saw a recent picture of herself in which she could tell she'd gained 8 to 10 pounds, and she LIKED IT.  She said, "I like being a little . . . fuller.  Let's just hope it will fit in The Oscars dress.  Here's to loving our bodies by our own standards." 

The paparazzi asked ROBIN THICKE if he and PAULA PATTON are going to work things out, and he said he's, "Just trying to get her back, man."  The cameraman asked Robin if his "VMA" performance with MILEY CYRUS caused the split.  At first he didn't answer, but when asked again, he said no.  

"Son of God" hits theaters today.  It's basically the New Testament part of the History channel miniseries "The Bible," but in a longer movie version.  It's up against the Liam Neeson air marshal thriller "Non-Stop".  There's also a new R-RATED version of "Anchorman 2" getting a one-week run . . . and a Forest Whitaker thriller called "Repentance".  

Buzzfeed.com has ranked all 85 Best Picture Oscar winners from best to worst.  "All About Eve" from 1950 was their top pick, while "Gigi" from 1958 ranked last. 
A company called "Bitelabs" claims that they're going to create meat, which will be "grown" using tissue samples from celebrities.   Clearly, this sounds like a joke . . . but the company insists that they're serious.  If it IS somehow legit, there's no indication that any celebrities are onboard yet. 

There are a lot of ill-advised tattoos . . . but the riskiest has to be getting ink of your significant other's name.  Even celebrities aren't immune to this, and some of them who have come to regret that include:  Johnny Depp, Charlie Sheen, Eva Longoria, Marc Anthony and Angelina Jolie

JAMIE LEE CURTIS and another woman called 911 after a female friend suffered a possible overdose in the backseat of Jamie's car.  The woman reportedly had a violent reaction to a mixture of medication and alcohol.  She was treated at a hospital and released after a few hours.  

Country Quiz

Q: Who Said "I've seen a lot of crazy stuff over the years.  I've seen people shot.  I've seen people's throats cut"? 

ARANDY HOUSER, talking about his days working the club circuit.  And he's not exaggerating about the throat cutting.  He continues, quote, "This guy busted a beer bottle and slit a man's throat right there in front of us.  We had to put something around him to keep him from bleeding to death." 






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02/28/2014 8:50AM
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