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Things your Pets actually HATE!

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Four Things Your Pets Hate
1.  Hugging your dog.  According to Cracked.com, dogs actually HATE it when you put your face next to theirs.  Supposedly it's a claustrophobia thing, so hugging or kissing them can freak them out. 
And if it gets REALLY stressed, or you're not THAT familiar, you might get bitten out of nowhere . . . even by a dog that has never bitten anyone before.
 2.  Staring into a cat's eyes.  People like to do it because cats are so good at staring back.  But cats see it as a sign of aggression.  They're more affectionate with people who DON'T stare.  When you look at a cat, blink slowly so it knows you're not a threat.
 3.  Feeding them people food.  Believe it or not, cats are lactose-intolerant.  They're not supposed to drink milk.  And dogs should never have bones or raw meat . . . for the same reasons we don't eat them ourselves.
 4.  Buying pets from a pet store.  The ASPCA says 99% of the puppies sold in stores come from puppy mills, where they're usually horribly abused.  If you bought your pet from a big place like Petco, you probably rescued it from the worst experience of its life.
---But on the other hand, supporting that store is helping to doom thousands of other animals to the same awful fate.

And Animal Lover Carrie Underwood is in the News Today:

CARRIE UNDERWOOD is being honored with an Exhibit at COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME: 
Her The Blown Away Tour exhibit opens today at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. 
The exhibit features costumes, jewelry, gifts and signs given to her by fans throughout her just-wrapped Blown Away tour. She says she's honored to have her memorabilia displayed in such a prestigious place.
The video for Carrie Underwood's new single, "See You Again," will debut on ABC's Good Morning America this morning…. 

OH and here is that video of the young girl jumping off her roof and breaking both ankles....

Join us tomorrow for more contest, prizes, and Good Ole' Country Music News!!

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06/05/2013 9:28AM
Things your Pets actually HATE!
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