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Tuesday RULES!

Four Rules For When You Can Expect to Hear Back From Someone After a Call, Text, or Email
The website Business Insider came up with four new rules for when you can expect to hear back from someone in 2014, based on how you try to get in touch with them.  Here's what they've figured out . . .

If you CALL someone, that suggests it's urgent so you should hear back within half an hour.
If you TEXT someone, there's less urgency so expect to hear back within two hours.
Surprisingly, if you send an INSTANT MESSAGE to someone, you're probably going to get ignored for a while so expect to hear back some time that day.
And if you EMAIL someone, don't expect to hear back for at LEAST a day. 

COWBOY NEWS Country Music Headlines

DIERKS BENTLEY's new album, Riser, hits stores today. Dierks says the reason the album was so long in coming was that he had a hard time writing or finding the right songs to reflect many of the life changes he was going through.

COLE SWINDELL makes his first trip to the top of the charts with his debut single, "Chillin' It." And though he plans to splurge on a big-ticket item to celebrate his success at some point, for now he says he'll probably just buy a new pair of boots.

Someone criticized KIP MOORE for doing a free show at a frat house, and that set him off.  He Tweeted, "In regards to the idiot who complained, We play for children's hospitals, troops, charities etc., but that's never seen.  If we choose to hang with a frat house then that's what we'll do."

LUKE BRYAN performed at the pre-race concert at Sunday's Daytona 500.  And, it was his first time attending.  He said, quote, "Growing up as a huge NASCAR fan, I've been a part of so many races through the years, but this is my first Daytona 500."

REBA MCENTIRE, LORETTA LYNN and BOBBY BARE will be performing at this year's "Johnny Cash Music Festival", which is August 15th in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  Proceeds will help fund the restoration of Johnny's boyhood home.

CARRIE UNDERWOOD helped BRAD PAISLEY perform "Remind Me" at his show on Saturday in Nashville.  She Tweeted, " I'm always so amazed and proud of my friend!"

Misheard Lyrics That Turn Songs Into Sci-Fi Epics
We found a weird list called 'Misheard Lyrics That Turn Otherwise Normal Songs Into Sci-Fi Epics'.

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana sounds like something from "The Matrix"

Real Lyric:  Here we are now, entertain us.
Misheard Lyric:  Here we are now, in containers.

"I Am a Rock" by Simon & Garfunkel is now about an alien autopsy

Real Lyric:  I won't disturb the slumber of feelings that have died.
Misheard Lyric:  I won't disturb the slumber of aliens that have died.

"My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion could be an intergalactic love story.  Or a tale of revenge.  Either way, somebody really wants to get at someone else

Real Lyric:  The spaces between us.
Misheard Lyric:  All the spaceships between us.

"Sex on Fire" by Kings of Leon is another dystopian fable.  This time we're killing people with disabilities

Real Lyric:  Oh, your sex is on fire.
Misheard Lyric:  Dyslexics on fire.

"Africa" by Toto.  Well, we're finally at war with Mars.  But it sounds like we're pretty confident about our chances

Real Lyric:  There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do.
Misheard Lyric:  There's nothing that a hundred men from Mars could ever do.

What Rule Did Your Parents Teach You That No One Else Seems to Follow?
What "rule" did your parents teach you that YOU still follow, but no one else does?  Here are eight of our favorites:

 1.  If you're a guest in someone's home, make sure you don't leave any traces that you were there.
2.  Don't slam doors when it's late.
3.  Don't talk about a party in front of someone who's not invited.
4.  Be grateful for the gifts you get, even if you don't like them.
5.  When you drop someone off, make sure they get inside safely before you drive away.
6.  Never show up to someone's party empty handed.
7.  Push your chair back under the table when you get up.
8.  Ask before you touch something.  That includes someone's dog, baby, pregnant belly, body, whatever. 


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02/25/2014 8:16AM
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