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Jimmy Fallon Serenades YouTube After Reaching Three Million Subs!

Five Random Facts For Tuesday
1.  98% of Americans eat eggs . . . but only 7% prefer hard-boiled eggs.
2.  When "The Truman Show" was coming out, the director, Peter Weir, wanted to have hidden cameras installed in every theater showing it . . . then have the movie cut to the audience watching it.
3.  A woman from Bangkok, Thailand received the longest prison sentence in world history back in 1989 . . . 141,078 years for running a $204 million pyramid scheme.  She's still in prison.
4.  ROBERT DOWNEY JR. broke HALLE BERRY'S arm.  It was in 2003 when they were filming a scene for the movie "Gothika".  He twisted it too hard, and the filming was shut down for eight weeks while she recovered.
5.  Every date this week is a palindrome ( PALin’drome).  Like, today is 4/15/14, which reads the same forwards and backwards.

COWBOY NEWS Country Music Headlines
Last year BRETT ELDREDGE came through on a promise to go skydiving after his song "Don't Ya" hit Number One.  This time around the song is "Beat of the Music" and the bet is swimming with sharks.  He says, "I might go shark diving.  I'm gonna get a cage, I'll get in there and they can throw dead fish around and let them swim up for like five minutes.. get me out."

Keith Urban is opening up about his opening acts on the upcoming Raise ‘Em Up tour -- Jerrod Niemann and Brett Eldredge. Keith Urban says he was six songs in Jerrod Niemann’s High Noon before finalizing him as an opener. 

BLAKE SHELTON does a bunch of domestic stuff like you see in the video to his song "Doin' What She Likes".  But not all of it. "I love to cook.  I don't clean the house so that part of the video is a bit far-fetched.  Making drinks, I've got that covered.  She relies on me to do the grilling and I like that." He's even started an accidental fire or two, but not as serious as burning down the house.  "I've burned the trash a few times.  I've caught the yard on fire. I've burnt some acreage and had to call the fire department a couple of times….I like bubble baths."

TAYLOR SWIFT promised a fan that she'd show up to her bridal shower on Sunday . . . and then DID!  She even came bearing gifts. 

GEORGE JONES'S widow Nancy is inviting fans to help her mark the one-year anniversary of his passing.  On April 26th she'll be planting two trees at the "He Stopped Loving Her Today" monument in Nashville. 

A new live album and concert DVD from Randy Rogers Band hits stores today. Titled Homemade Tamales, the 26-track compilation features footage from a two-night stand at Floore’s Country Store in Helotes, Texas, as well as the new studio tracks “Satellite” and “She’s Gonna Run.” The album is the band’s fourth live collection. 

Five Biometric Replacements for Your Password
 Companies have been looking at biometrics to verify your identity instead . . . like the iPhone fingerprint feature.  
1.  Your heartbeat.  Everyone's is unique.  And a company is developing a wristband that can recognize yours to verify your identity on any WiFi device.  So your computer would only turn on for you, and your front door would unlock as you walked up.
2.  The shape of your ear.  A smartphone touchscreen could scan your ear and recognize you, just like a fingerprint sensor.  But unlike fingerprints that can fade over time or change because of injuries, your ears don't change too much as you get old.
3.  Your gait.  The way you walk is unique too.  A computer can analyze your speed, balance, and rhythm to figure out who you are.  And a mobile device is always on you, so you don't have to stop and verify your identity before you use it.
4.  Your typing style.  There are ways to identify people by analyzing their typing style.  So a computer could require you to type a certain phrase before it unlocks.  That's a lot like a password, but at least you don't have to remember anything.
5.  Your face.  Samsung's new Galaxy already has facial recognition software.  It's not very good yet, but someday you might be able to unlock your phone just by holding it up in front of you. 
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04/15/2014 7:12AM
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