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Weird Things That Happen When You Sleep!

The Five Weirdest Things That Can Happen When You Sleep

1. Feeling like you're falling.  You know this one.  It's actually called a 'hypnagogic jerk.'  It happens when you're about to fall asleep, and it wakes you back up.  You feel like you're about to tip over, and throw out your arms and legs to catch yourself.
2.  Sleep paralysis.  Sleepwalking is when your body wakes up but your brain stays asleep.   This is like the opposite, as if your body is paralyzed while you're dreaming.  Sometimes you wake up from a deep sleep, and your muscles are still shut down. 
And at first it might feel like you can't BREATHE, because you can't move the muscles in your chest.
3.  Sleep-talking.  About 5% of us do it regularly, and it's usually within the first hour or two after going to bed, when you're already dreaming but the muscles in your throat and face are still working.
4.  Sleep... "cough, cough"...  Sometimes it's possible to wake up when you're already having.. you know what...  And YOU might be the one who started it.  And it happens to about 8% of us.   
5.  Exploding head syndrome.  Seriously.  You wake up after hearing a really loud noise or maybe seeing a flash of light.  You might actually have the sensation that your head is exploding.
That’s called tequila, boys and girls.


COWBOY NEWS Country Music Headlines

KRISTEN BELL is confident she'll breeze right through hosting tonight's "CMT Music Awards".  She says, quote, "In truth what I do is change into a variety of fancy outfits and read a Teleprompter, so it's not the hardest job in America.  Honestly it doesn't feel like work for me.  It feels like a lot of fun."
At the CMTs, R&B singer Jason Derulo will join Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan to perform "This Is How We Roll" . . . while Hunter Hayes and Jennifer Nettles will help John Legend with his song "All Of Me".
TIM MCGRAW had nothing but the clothes on his back when he moved to Nashville in 1989.  He says, quote, "I sold everything . . . water skis, shotguns and just everything.  I got on a Greyhound bus and got to Nashville at four in the morning and never looked back."  Before leaving home, he told his mom I think I'm just going to drop out of school and move to Nashville', and she told me that she was surprised that I hadn't done it sooner." 
ERIC CHURCH tells "Rolling Stone", quote, "True red-white-blue American rock & roll fans have gone more toward country.  Hip-hop has gone down.  Rock's down.  People are kidding themselves if they think there's a bigger format than country.  It's an interesting time."
BRETT ELDREDGE posted a video on Facebook where he scares a girl who's sitting alone in a car listening to HIS music.  He actually walks up and starts singing along.  He wrote, "Sometimes people sing along to your song in their car, sometimes I sing along with myself and scare them!  Ha!"

Would you like to hear LUKE BRYAN kiss up to country radio? 
TAYLOR SWIFT donated $50,000 to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  The money will be used to create high-tech music therapy for teens with cancer.

Five Random Facts For Wednesday

1.  Hurricanes with female names kill about TWICE as many people as hurricanes with male names.  And it may be because we're all SEXIST . . . as in, we don't take female hurricanes as seriously, and don't take the right precautions.
2.  People spent 2.4 billion hours watching OTHER PEOPLE play video games online last year.  That's up from 1.3 billion hours in 2012.
3.  The majority of suicides happen between midnight and 4:00 A.M. . . . with 16% of all suicides happening between 2:00 A.M. and 2:59 A.M.
4.  A can of Coke is 90% water . . . a can of Diet Coke is 99% water.
5.  Clownfish . . . like the ones in "Finding Nemo" . . . can change from male-to-female if they need to, for reproduction.  So in the movie, once Nemo's mother was killed, his father would've grown female sex organs and started reproducing . . . with Nemo.

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06/04/2014 7:51AM
Weird Things That Happen When You Sleep!
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