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What Happened at The Grammy's?

Five Bad Foods That Are Actually Good For You
Scientists get a lot of stuff wrong.  They give a bunch of foods a bad rep, and then change their mind and say they're actually GOOD for you.  Here are the five latest bad foods to get back on the healthy list:

1.  Coffee.  Too much caffeine was supposedly bad.  But studies show that coffee improves memory, reaction time, mood, and general cognitive function.  It also boosts your metabolism, and can protect you from Type II diabetes and Alzheimer's.
2.  Whole milk.  Scientists agreed that drinking it made you fat.  Well, now they're saying that kids who drink SKIM milk are likely to be the chubby ones.  Because skim milk somehow makes you crave junk food.
3.  Salt.  It used to be bad to salt your food.  But the real problem isn't necessarily salt . . . it's processed foods with a high sodium content.
4.  Chocolate.  Candy bars are one thing, because they're filled with chemicals and preservatives.  But pure chocolate is healthy for you.  It helps with heart disease and lowers blood pressure.
5.  Popcorn.  Keep in mind that when movie popcorn is covered with butter, it can have 1,200 calories.  But the kind that you air-pop at home is loaded with more anti-oxidants than fruits and vegetables.  It's also a great source of fiber.


Grammy Updates
"12 Years a Slave" won Best Picture at the Oscars last night, and star LUPITA NYONG'O won Best Supporting Actress. She also gave an emotional, heartfelt speech . . .  which is very refreshing to see in someone who's not yet jaded by Hollywood.

The night's big winner was "Gravity", which took home SEVEN Oscars.  They were mostly technical awards, like editing, visual effects and sound mixing.  But ALFONSO CUARON also got Best Director.

"Dallas Buyers Club" won THREE Oscars, including Best Actor for MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY and Best Supporting Actor for JARED LETO.

CATE BLANCHETT won Best Actress for the WOODY ALLEN film "Blue Jasmine", and "Frozen" won Best Animated Film.

"12 Years a Slave" also won Best Adapted Screenplay, while Best Original Screenplay went to "Her

At last night's Oscars, ELLEN DEGENERES took a selfie that quickly became the most re-Tweeted post on Twitter, and served the audience pizza. 

Ellen DeGeneres takes a selfie for the ages from the front row during the Academy Awards telecast.

 Ellen DeGeneres, right, with a pizza delivery man onstage during the 86th annual Academy Awards.
Meanwhile, BILL MURRAY gave a shout-out to HAROLD RAMIS and JARED LETO paid tribute to his mom.


COWBOY NEWS Country Music Headlines
KACEY MUSGRAVES doesn't understand why female country artists aren't getting the same exposure as the men.  She says, "I hope the stigma will disappear.  It's absolutely dumb.  There are a lot of females out there making good music and it's such a fight for them to get heard.  It shouldn't be so hard to cut through."

BRIAN KELLEYof FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE is thrilled with all the new people coming to their concerts since they collaborated with NELLY.  He says, "You've got tons of different people coming to our shows.  A lot of different ages and a lot of different colors of fans.  That's what it’s all about man.  We want everybody."   

SCOTTY MCCREERY schooled some dude who was being disrespectful to a woman.  Unfortunately, we don't know exactly what went down.  He hit up Twitter on Thursday and wrote, quote, "Nothing, and I repeat nothing, irritates me more than a man talking/being disrespectful to a lady!  Just had to let some 40-year-old guy know that going through security at the airport. 

LEANN RIMES came down with a mysterious illness late last week.  She Tweeted a pic of her arm hooked up to an intravenous drip . . . and gave props to the nurturing skills of her husband EDDIE CIBRIAN.  She wrote, "Food poisoning or a virus, not sure which, but wow do I feel so much better now. 


BLAKE SHELTON and MIRANDA LAMBERT bought their first home in Music City.  Miranda said, "We bought a house in Nashville.  We're there all the time and we'll always be recording music in town."  They still have their ranch in Tishomingo, Oklahoma and they lease a place in L.A. when Blake's on "The Voice"

JO DEE MESSINA is trying to drum up interest for her song "A Woman's Rant" by giving people a chance to be in the video.  Fans have to film their own interpretation of the song and then email it in AND post the clip to Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #WomansRant.  Details are at JoDeeMessina.com

The New Trend Is Using Conditioner First, and Shampoo Second?
Apparently there's a new trend where people use conditioner FIRST, and shampoo second.  The theory is that the conditioner softens and untangles your hair . . . then the shampoo washes away the heaviness of the conditioner and cleans your hair without eliminating all the moisture or shininess.

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03/03/2014 8:39AM
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