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What's the Worst Excuse Someone Ever Used to Dump You?

What's the Worst Excuse Someone Ever Used to Dump You?
1.  "We don't fight enough . . . so you obviously don't care about this relationship."
2.  "You're not bad enough for me."
3.  "You're chocolate pudding, my ex is chocolate cake.  I love pudding, but lately I've been craving cake." 
4.  "I'm sick of guys looking at you.  I need an uglier girl, sorry."
5.  "You don't love me like Blake loves Miranda."
(Doing What She Likes video)
6.  "I'm falling for your mom and I want to take a shot at her." 


 Country Music Headlines
The ALAN JACKSON hit "Chattahoochee" is #1 on a list of The Top 10 Summer Country songs put together by TheBoot.com.  LITTLE BIG TOWN'S "Pontoon" is second. Also on the list: “Toes,” ZAC BROWN BAND, “Drunk on You,” LUKE BRYAN,  Strawberry Wine,” DEANA CARTER, and KENNY CHESNEY’S “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem.”
MARTINA MCBRIDE recorded her soul and R&B influenced album "Everlasting" because she was feeling squeezed out by today's male dominated playlists.  She tells "Rolling Stone", quote, "I can't do bro country.  Am I supposed to just wait it out?  No!  You have to create something."
An exclusive video of KACEY MUSGRAVES and KATY PERRY performing Kacey's song "Keep It To Yourself".  It was taped for their edition of "CMT Crossroads" that aired back in June . . . but it didn't make the final cut for the show.

BILLY CURRINGTON made a young girl's day when she joined him onstage to dance and sing during a performance of his song "We Are Tonight".

Did HUNTER HAYES get a new tattoo?  Maybe.  He posted an Instagram this week: "Found a #tattoo shop in Nashville.  Things are getting real."

Top 3 Country Albums
1.  Luke Bryan, "Crash My Party"
2.  Brantley Gilbert, "Just As I Am"
3.  Miranda Lambert, "Platinum"
Top 3 Country Songs
1.  Jason Aldean, "Burnin' It Down"
2.  Florida Georgia Line, "Dirt"
3.  Kenny Chesney, "American Kids"

JOE NICHOLS got a lot of flack for his rendition of "America the Beautiful" at last month's Major League Baseball's All-Star Game. Twitter blew up with all kinds of criticism of his performance, But he is OK with it…

Former "American Idol" finalist JOSH GRACIN is being detained on an involuntary psychiatric hold, after posting an apparent suicide note. It is over a break-up with his wife…they have 4 children.


 "The Expendables 3" Hits Theaters Today
"The Expendables 3"  (PG-13)  - Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, and Arnold Schwarzenegger are all back from the last movie.  And there are a TON of new additions.
Wesley Snipes plays a founding member of the team that they have to bust out of prison . . . which is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that Snipes couldn't participate in the first two movies, because he was locked up for his tax troubles.
Antonio Banderas adds comic relief as a commando who's always desperately wanted to join the team.  And Mel Gibson is Stallone's old partner . . . he cofounded the Expendables, but turned bad and became an arms dealer with a vendetta against him.
And finally there's Kelsey Grammer as an old friend of Stallone's who helps recruit the new members . . . and Harrison Ford as the CIA handler behind their assignments.
"Let's Be Cops"  (R) - Damon Wayans Jr. and Jake Johnson from "The New Girl" dress up as police officers for a costume party . . . and are so convincing, they're mistaken for REAL cops by everyone in the neighborhood . . .Including some corrupt cops and mobsters run by Andy Garcia

"The Giver"  (PG-13)  - Brenton Thwaites lives in a "perfect" society where people can't see color or feel the full range of human emotions, because of an injection they get every morning. Jeff Bridges is the Giver, the one man who has the full memory of all of humanity's experiences.  And when Brenton is chosen to become the next "Receiver of Memory", he discovers love and starts skipping his daily injections. Alexander Skarsgard and Katie Holmes play his parents . . . and Meryl Streep is the villain, the Chief Elder of the community.  Taylor Swift is also in it.  She has a small role in it as The Giver's daughter.


Hurry Up Headlines
A 22-year-old woman from Poland is trying to have sex with 100,000 men . . . and says she's passed the 5,000-man mark.  That's about 500 dudes a month, or about 16 a DAY.  She says the total SHOULD be higher, but in February she had to go to the hospital for FATIGUE.
ROBIN WILLIAMS' widow revealed that he had early-stage Parkinson's disease when he died, but his rep said he was NOT having financial problems . . . adding, quote, "We should be blessed to have Robin's financial status."
A 26-year-old woman in Louisiana didn't want to pay for a hospital treatment earlier this month, so she gave her dead sister's info.  Except she was wearing a t-shirt memorializing her dead sister, and one of the staff members noticed it.  So she was arrested for Medicare fraud.
According to a new study, eating a lot of salt might actually be GOOD for you.  Doctors usually say to limit it to 2,300 milligrams a day, but the average American gets 3,400 milligrams.  And the study found that people who consume between 3,000 and 6,000 milligrams of sodium actually have fewer heart-related issues.
A guy in Lebanon tried to have sex with a donkey last week . . . but the donkey kicked him in the face, then three times in the chest, and KILLED him. The police found him pantsless with the donkey still tied to his car. 
What's the worst excuse someone ever used to dump you?  A few of the best ones we've heard are:  "We don't fight enough, so you obviously don't care" . . . "I'm sick of guys looking at you, I need an uglier girl" . . . and "I'm falling for your mom and I want to take a shot at her."


Three New Things to Worry About
1.  A new study out of Belgium found that wearing antiperspirants can actually make your armpits smell WORSE. 
 Researchers found they can help some bad-smelling bacteria breed under your arm, which can make your armpits smell awful in the long run. 
2.  The sound of a ticking clock can make young women depressed; according to a study out of Florida State University . . . because it makes them subconsciously think of their own BIOLOGICAL clock ticking.  
The study also found women are more likely to start talking about getting married and having kids after they hear a ticking clock.  
3.  Believe it or not, a fly landing on your food is more likely to make you sick than a COCKROACH crawling across your food.  Since the fly could've just been sitting on roadkill or feces or rotting food, it can instantly transmit diseases.


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What's the Worst Excuse Someone Ever Used to Dump You?
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