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Howdy, I'm Fightin' Texas Aggie Colt, Class of 2014!

My life is defined on account of 3 things: 
  1. The Almighty God, family, and friends
  2. A quote: "Every calling is great when every calling is pursued."
  3. Music
Music is such a huge part of our lives on account of it can change the way we think, feel, and love in a matter of just a few seconds.  Whether we want to be inspired by U2, uplifted by Christian music, happy by Florida-Georgia line, or get in the zone with some rock’n’roll like ACDC or Van Halen, music is the spirit of the world. 

Why I'm Cooler Than Tom Petty

I am an adrenaline junkie. I love anything that starts with a thrill and ends with an incredible story to tell. So when I had the opportunity to go jump out of an airplane to celebrate my 21st birthday, I was PUMPED.

 photo 24_zpsc0ac830a.jpg
This is MERD (Meredith) and KEN (Kenzi). They are my best friends and soul mates. Equally as weird and thrill seeking as myself.


Friday afternoon as soon as I left the station I called Merd and Ken up and threw around the idea of jumping out of the sky. Of course they said yes, and then we sped down the road to Luling, Texas as eager as beavers.
We got to the Drop Zone, took a crash course by a guy we nicknamed Cricket, and suited up.

   photo IMG_1810_zps1e3b506b.jpg
I looked around at Merd and Ken before loading the plane, somehow still not nervous. We got on all snuggled up to our tandem instructors, and started ascending to 14,500 feet. At an altitude of 7,000 ft. I looked out the window and realized we were only half way to the point we actually jumped out. I got over that feeling quickly as Merd, Ken, and I started singing at the top of our lungs, “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!”, which can make any one feel better at any time.
 photo 22_zps52975553.jpg
 Finally, it was time to jump. 3-2-1…FREEFALL! I was the first of our friends to go out of the plane, and the last to actually land on the ground. We spun around in circles going 120 mph falling straight towards the ground. My camera guy would grab my hand, snap a few pics, and spin us in circles again. Total freefall time was 45-60 seconds.
 photo 19_zpsc1dc2798.jpg
   photo 2_zps525b6400.jpg
Right before cloud level my instructor deployed the parachute and we began floating through a cloud. As soon as we were out of the cloud we slowly drifted around the sky and to the ground for about 7 minutes. My instructor handed over the parachute handles to me and let me steer. Quickly, I handed the reins back over to him, for fear that I would accidentally let go and cause us to drop to our deaths.
 photo 1_zpsc0860ada.jpg


 It was time to land, and we slid in to meet our friends safely on the ground.
   photo IMG_2003_zps1321a89d.jpg

Needless to say, I had the time of my life and CAN’T wait to go back. But seriously, if any one ever needs a skydive partner, LET ME KNOW.

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03/24/2014 3:45PM
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