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Country Music Headlines

RANDY HOUSER’S new western-themed “Like a Cowboy” music video premieres on Saturday at 9 a.m. The clip was shot at the famed Old Tucson Studios, where many popular westerns have been filmed…Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman’s William Shockley, Sons of Anarchy actor Tim Murphy and 60 head of cattle are among Randy’s co-stars in the period piece.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTLPsjK6wQo] 
WILLIE NELSON was asked for his take on why Colorado and Washington FINALLY legalized marijuana.  He said "Money.”  There's a lot of money in selling marijuana.   Why should all the criminals make the money?"  
You can thank hip hop for teaching country singer THOMAS RHETT how to groove.  He says, "I think that the biggest thing that hip hop did for me was teach me how to groove a little bit.  …how to write country lyrics over a hip hoppy beat.  It brings life and some fun and energy to a show and to a record.
CARRIE UNDERWOOD hit up Twitter with word that she and her husband MIKE FISHER have returned from their charity trip to Haiti.  
A sand sculpture of BLAKE SHELTON is one of the entries in this year's Sand Sculpting World Cup competition in Atlantic City.
PISTOL ANNIES guitarist ANGALEENA PRESLEY will be opening seven shows on the INDIGO GIRLS summer tour. 
LITTLE BIG TOWN’S "Day Drinking" is the new summer smash from Little Big Town’s forthcoming studio album, Painkiller. The "Day Drinking" video premieres today at People.com. LBT host ABC’s CMA Music Festival concert special on August 5th.
MIRANDA LAMBERT and CARRIE UNDERWOOD are bad to the bone in an Instagram first look at the steamy "Somethin' Bad" music video. The clip premieres today.


Celebrity College Degrees You'd Never Expect
A lot of celebrities actually went to college.  And some of them even graduated…..

Rowan Atkinson . . . a.k.a. Mr. Bean . . . has a degree in electrical engineering.

Lisa Kudrow got a degree in psychobiology from Vassar, and initially joined her father in studying HEADACHES.  She's even credited in his study on the comparative likelihood of left-handed individuals developing cluster headaches. 

Chris Martin of Coldplay and the Husband of Gwenth Paltrow got degrees in Greek and Latin.

Queen guitarist Brian May got degrees in math and physics, and eventually went back to complete his PhD in astrophysics.

Dolph Lundgren has a Masters in chemical engineering.

Jerry Springer has a degree in political science.  He was on the Cincinnati City Council until 1974, when he had to admit he'd hired a prostitute, after his CHECK BOUNCED.  But he became MAYOR of the city in 1977.

Kenny G has a bachelor's in accounting.

Ron Jeremy has a MASTERS IN SPECIAL EDUCATION.  Yes, before becoming the most famous porno star on the planet, he was a TEACHER.

Will Ferrell has a degree in sports broadcasting from USC. 

The Trick to Making a Smart Life-Changing Decision is the "10-10-10" Rule


Suzy Welch is an author who came up with a trick to help you weigh a decision and really figure out which answer is the most in line with your priorities.
It's called the "10-10-10 Rule."  When you're facing a really tough decision, look at the options and answer these three questions for each one:
1.  What are the consequences of this decision in 10 minutes?
2.  What about in 10 months?
3.  And finally, what are the consequence of this decision in 10 YEARS?
Here's the thinking behind it:  Apparently we're wired to make decisions emotionally.  So by breaking your options down with those three questions, you'll think about them more LOGICALLY, which should clear things up and lead to better choices


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