Coffee + Workouts = AWESOME!

Today's COWBOY NEWS Country Music Headlines has an exclusive video of SHERYL CROW in concert doing a new take on her song "Redemption Day".  It's a mashup that includes JOHNNY CASH'S voice from the version he recorded for his album "American VI: Ain't No Grave"

DIERKS BENTLEY announced that his 9th Annual Miles & Music for Kids Celebrity Motorcycle Ride and Concert is going down September 28th in Nashville.  Guest performers include Chris YoungRandy HouserKip Moore and Jon Pardi.  Grab your details at

KIP MOORE released the video to his song "Dirt Road" . . . which is the first single from his second album.

FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE'S video to their song "Dirt" is out.  The lead character is played by '70s country rock legend J.D. SOUTHER, whom your parents remember from the Souther, Hillman Furay Band.  He also co-wrote several EAGLES songs including "Best of My Love""Heartache Tonight" and "New Kid in Town".


Taylor Swift Doesn't Think Music Should Be Free
. . . And Says Albums Are Like Relationships

TAYLOR SWIFT wrote an essay in the "Wall Street Journal" about the state of today's music.  She starts off by rejecting the idea that low record sales are killing the industry.  To her, the bigger threat is when artists give their music away.  

She says, quote, "My hope for the future is that artists realize their worth and ask for it.  Music is art, and art is important and rare.  Important, rare things are valuable.  Valuable things should be paid for.

"It's my opinion that music should NOT be free, and my prediction is that artists and labels will someday decide what an album's price point is.  I hope they don't underestimate themselves or undervalue their art."

You probably won't be surprised to hear that she sees a parallel between music and dating.  She says, quote, "Fans view music the way they view their relationships.  Some music is just for fun, a passing fling.  Some we hold dear in our memories. 

"However, some artists will be like finding 'the one.'  We will cherish every album they put out until they retire and we will play their music for our children and grandchildren.  As an artist, this is the dream bond we hope to establish with our fans."

She also believes today's fans have such short attention spans that artists NEED to constantly surprise them:  Quote, "In the YouTube generation, I walked onstage every night last year knowing almost every fan had already seen the show online.  

"To show them something they had never seen before, I brought out dozens of special guest performers to sing their hits with me.  My generation was raised being able to flip channels if we got bored.  We want to be caught off guard, delighted, left in awe."  

One insight that completely surprised me is the death of the autograph.  She says, quote, "I haven't been asked for an autograph since the invention of the iPhone with a front-facing camera.

"The only memento 'kids these days' want is a selfie.  It's part of the new currency, which seems to be 'how many followers you have on Instagram.'"


(Is Taylor 100% correct on all these points?  No way.  But it's worth hearing what she has to say because she's one of the top selling artists on the planet . . . and because she has an almost magical connection with her fans.)……(It's also fun knowing the "Wall Street Journal" is interested in the thoughts of a 24-year-old country / pop singer.)



Five Ways Coffee Can Help Your Workouts

It might sound like a bad idea to drink coffee right before a workout.  But there are some real health benefits, if you don't overdo it.  You might lose more weight, for instance.  Here are five other good reasons to do it.

1.  It improves circulation.  Which leads directly to a better workout, because your muscles get more oxygen.

2.  Less pain.  One study showed that two or three cups of coffee before high-intensity exercise caused a reduction in perceived pain during the workout.  This could be because the muscles get more oxygen, or because you push harder and get stronger.

3.  Better memory.  Caffeine enhances memory for up to 24 hours after you consume it.  So you won't leave things out of your routine when you're in the gym all afternoon.

4.  Muscle preservation.  Caffeine can help you stay stronger as you age.  It basically keeps your muscles younger, and that reduces the risk of age-related injuries.

5.  More energy to the muscles.  Drinking coffee along with your post-exercise meal can help the body produce more fuel for your muscles.  So you'll have more energy in reserve the next time you work out.

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