Garth Brooks is BACK!!!

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.  He held a press conference yesterday announcing he'll be releasing new music and doing a world tour.  Exact details about the tour will be available on Monday at

—As far as the music:  The first single will be out in a couple of weeks, and the album will be released around Thanksgiving.  He said, quote, "The new record is what we would traditionally think of as a double album, just because there's a lot to say."

—The last time Garth released a new album was 13 years ago, so he was asked what the new stuff will sound like.  He said, quote, "There's two terms going on right now.  One is called 'bro-country.'  Are you familiar with these? "Are you familiar with 'hick-hop?'  I don't think my stuff is either of those.  So, for me, it's Garth music.  All I can do is just open it up and show you and then you'll make that decision what it is."

—Perhaps the biggest surprise is that he's finally going to sell his music digitally, but NOT on iTunes.  It'll ONLY be available at . . . and, again, you'll have to wait.  In this case, about two or three weeks. 

Link to Website: is streaming SUNNY SWEENEY'S new song "My Bed", which features guest vocals from WILL HOGE.  It's from Sunny's new album "Provoked"
, which will be out August 5th. listed what they consider the Top 8 Moments from FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE'S Twitter Q&A on Tuesday.  For example, when asked what they do in their free time they answered, quote, "Work out, hang out, motocross, back-roading, work on our homes.  Normal stuff."  They also "say a prayer" performing going on stage. 

KENNY ROGERS goofs on his song "The Gambler" in a Geico car insurance commercial.


Today's Free-Advice: 


Five Romantic Gestures That Don't Cost Anything


–If you want to do something romantic for someone, but you're low on cash, here are five romantic gestures that won't cost you a thing . . .

1.  Start their workday off with an unexpected message.  Call their voicemail at work and leave a message first thing in the morning.  That way, when they get in, it's the first thing they hear.

2.  Take care of a mundane task they hate to do.  Like, if they never have time to pick up the dry cleaning, offer to do it for them.

3.  Sincerely compliment them on something less obvious than their looks.

4.  Make a small sacrifice to make them happy.  If they love to bowl but you HATE it, offer to take them bowling every now and then.

5.  Let them know you're looking forward to seeing them again.  Whether you just met someone, or have been together for a while, it's a sweet gesture to let someone know you're looking forward to seeing them again.

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