“Girl In A Country Song” Music Video!! HILARIOUS

Friday’s!!!!!!!! FREE ADVICE
Five Things Guys Need to Stop Saying Around Women right now…

1.  "Calm down."  This one usually results in the OPPOSITE happening.
2.  "You look tired."  Only if it's followed by, "Can I get you a glass of wine and a back massage?"
3.  Any annoying internet-type slang, like "amazeballs" . . . "awesomesauce" . . . or "got it going on like donkey Kong".
4.  "Bro” anything . . . or any variation of "bro".  Including Broseph, broham, brah, etc…”I got your bro”
5.  Movie quotes.  This doesn't go for all women, but it's probably a safe rule of thumb to save the obscure movie quotes for your guy friends.  Because generally, one of two things happens . . .
She'll get the reference and feel compelled to name the movie, which kind of interrupts the flow of conversation.  Or she WON'T get it, and has to ask where it's from.  So then YOU have to explain . . . again, you’re losing time, bro


COWBOY NEWS Country Music Headlines

 DIERKS BENTLEY has two clues that let him know he's having a good show.  One is having gate crashers, because fans who "risk getting in trouble with the law to come see you is a sign you're doing it right."  The other is if guys are only there to meet women, because that's how he spent his first concert (which was BON JOVI and SKID ROW)
Jason Aldean's Burn It Down Tour plays to two more ballparks this weekend; the Washington Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. and PNC Park home of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Opening for him for the whole tour are Tyler Farr and Florida Georgia Line — three guys he says he really enjoys hanging around with.
MADDIE & TAE released the video for "Girl In A Country Song".  It starts out with hot chicks in skimpy clothing but progresses to men wearing women's clothes and acting silly.
This year's Farm Aid is going down September 13th in Raleigh, North Carolina.  JACK WHITE is one of the featured performers, along with board members Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews. Other guests include Jamey Johnson, Carlene Carter and Preservation Hall Jazz Band
A young fan with "boy troubles" reached out to TAYLOR SWIFT on Instagram . . . and Taylor actually wrote a response assuring her that her feelings are valid, and stuff like that.

MIRANDA LAMBERT and THE BAND PERRY will be performing at this year's "Fashion Rocks" concert TV special, which airs September 9th on CBS.
Here is a  video  of Miranda Lambert’s brand new tour bus, she calls it her cottage on wheels…


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