Grandma & Grandpa Got Skills!

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Seven Skills Your Grandparents Had That You Don't


1.  Cooking from scratch.  Not following a recipe, but actually improvising with food.  Before microwaves and TV dinners, people just had to know how to work with what they had, and make it taste good.

2.  Sewing.  Also crocheting, quilting, darning, needlepoint, and all that related stuff.  If we have holes in our socks, we throw them away.  Your grandparents actually sat down and fixed them.  Men too . . . they had to do it by themselves in the Army.

3.  Canning.  A couple people do it now if they're really into home gardening.  But fifty years ago, just about everybody did it.
4.  Ironing.  It used to be that you would iron everything off the clothesline.  Now we just iron dress clothes, and most of the time we don't even do it right.

5.  Meeting people in person . . . by TALKING.  A lot of us meet new people online nowadays.  When we're out in public, face to face with real people, we IGNORE them . . . so we can stay online instead.

6.  Haggling.  Before everything was sold in chain superstores, people used to haggle a lot.  Now you never even get to try, except on Craigslist and at the car dealership.
7.  Writing letters.  Your grandparents used to write beautiful letters all the time, with pen and paper, and mail them in envelopes.  The writing you do on Facebook and Twitter . . . your grandparents would have called that being ILLITERATE.


COWBOY NEWS Country Music Headlines

THOMAS RHETT regrets posting an Instagram photo of his hot wife Lauren wearing a bikini at a lake in Nashville. He said, "You oughta go look at some of the comments.  It's pretty bad.  Some were nice, some were not.  It was my fault for posting it.  I shouldn't have.  I should delete it." As of this morning, he STILL hadn't deleted it…. here the Pic:
MIRANDA LAMBERT confirmed that she's opening a bed and breakfast called The Ladysmith in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, across the street from the Pink Pistol.  “It was built in 1901, so it's been over a year of renovations.  It's ALSO an events center, so you can rent it for weddings and showers and private parties too." studied "People" magazine's "Country's Sexiest Men" issue and came up with what they consider the Seven Sexiest Parts.  For example, it's sexy that BRIAN KELLEY of FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE writes poems to his wife . . . and that JAKE OWEN has a handyman side that goes to Home Depot twice a week.

NEW CDs released today:

"Band of Brothers", Willie Nelson.  Willie had a hand in writing nine of the 14 tracks on the album. He's joined by Jamey Johnson on a cover of the Billy Joe Shaver song "The Git Go".

"Original Sin", the debut album from Nashville session artist Jacob Thomas Jr.  His cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way" features Kevin Costner's daughter, Lily Costner.

Five Random Facts For Tuesday

1.  The "Gangnam Style" video on YouTube is at more than 2 billion views, which means human beings have spent 140 million total hours watching it.  That's 16,000 YEARS.
….. AND here is the video, just one more time!

2.  The reason doctors wear blue or green scrubs is because those are on the opposite side of the color wheel from red and pink . . . which makes those colors clearer during surgery.

3.  Disney World and Disneyland employees who dress up as characters and walk around the parks have to go through special training to learn how to do their character's correct autograph.

4.  "Eyes Wide Shut" has the record for the most consecutive days of filming without a day off, at 400 days straight.  At one point, Stanley Kubrick made Tom Cruise do 97 takes of him just walking through a door.
5.  The only two states where it's totally legal to shoot porn are California and New Hampshire.  Other states like Nevada and Florida might temporarily look the other way . . . but they could crack down on your shoot at any point.…


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