Happy Friday! (Don't forget about that Daylight Savings)


WOMEN’s COLLEGE BASKETBALL – SEC Tour. in North Little Rock

Lady Aggies 57, Auburn 47 

Kentucky 67, Vanderbilt 61

Arkansas 72, Ole Miss 61

Georgia 75, Missouri 64 

Lady Aggies vs. LSU, 2:30pm – SEC Network

Arkansas vs. South Carolina, Georgia vs. Tennessee,

Kentucky vs. Mississippi State

Courtney Williams led a balanced attack with 14 points Texas A&M win over Auburn in the second round we play LSU this afternoon. 


Canyon 59, Rudder Lady Rangers 46 

LaMarque Premier Learning Academy vs. Calvert, 8pm/Austin


Portland 94, Mavericks 75 

Detroit at Houston, Denver at San Antonio, Dallas at Golden State


Sam Houston State 67, Lamar 61

Rice 76, UTSA 74

Texas Tech at Baylor

SAT: Alabama at Texas A&M, 1:00pm – FOX SPORTS

College Softball

FRI-SAT-SUN: Kentucky at Texas A&M

College Baseball Astros College Classic

Nebraska vs. Texas A&M, 3:30pm

SAT- Houston vs. Texas A&M, 7pm 

SUN: Baylor vs. Texas A&M, 2:30pm

NASCAR racing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Sunday

PGA playing the WGC-Cadillac Championship in Miami

New Texas A&M defensive coordinator John Chavis (CHAY-vis..chay like yay)) spoke with the media for the first time since coming to A&M….he doesn’t want to talk about how bad our defense has been, he wants to focus on how competitive it is going to be alongside Kevin Sumlin’s high scoring offense…a deciding factor in accepting the job was what Chavis experienced on LSU’s visits to Kyle Field: "I've not seen a classier group of fans than I did in Aggieland, They made an impression on the two trips I came here, as a guy standing across the field."

RESULTS from a school-wide “RE-VOTE” for Texas A&M University yell leaders….Ben Ritchie, Zachary Lawrence and Steven Lanz were selected senior leaders and Chris Wilder and Will Alders were selected junior leaders for the 2015-2016 yell leader class.



MIRANDA LAMBERT before 62,276 at RodeoHouston:

"It's good to be home tonight, I'm still really freaking nervous y'all."

Her set included "Famous in a Small Town," "Little Red Wagon" and "White Liar," and she started off with "Fastest Girl in Town" and "Kerosene," with a pink guitar strapped across her chest, wearing ripped jeans, a glittering headband and a T-shirt proclaiming "Made in Texas."

More Miranda songs… "Heart Like Mine," "Baggage Claim," "Mama's Broken Heart," and the set closer "Gunpowder & Lead" 

She also sang "All Kinds of Kinds," "Over You" and "The House That Built Me" 

She was joined by Baytown native RaeLynn and backup singer Gwen Sebastian (who both appeared on "The Voice") to do the Dixie Chicks' song "Cowboy Take Me Away." And Lambert paid tribute to the Houston hometown favorites ZZ TOP with a rocking cover of "Gimme All Your Lovin.'"



DANIEL VON BARGEN, who played George Costanza's dim-witted boss Mr. Kruger on "Seinfeld," has died. He was 64.  Von Bargen died Sunday in the Cincinnati area, Harry Gilligan, owner of Gilligan Funeral Homes, confirmed Thursday.

HARRISON FORD crash-landed his World War II-era airplane on Thursday after losing engine power, suffering serious but not life-threatening injuries ("multiple gashes" to his head)….He brought down the plane on a golf course to avoid nearby homes….He was pulled from the plane and given initial help by doctors who happened to be playing golf on the course that is right next to   Santa Monica Municipal Airport.




GIRL SCOUT COOKIES are different in Dallas and Houston because they are made by different bakers…

In Houston, you can Caramel deLites but you can’t get Samoas. In Dallas, you can get Tagalongs, but you can’t get Peanut Butter Patties.

Thin Mints in Houston are crunchier than the ones in Dallas.

ABC Bakers services Houston… producing Girl Scout cookies since 1937, they make Thin Mints, Caramel deLites, Peanut Butter Patties, Shortbread, Lemonades, Thanks-a-lot, Peanut Butter Sandwich, Cranberry Citrus Crisps and the new Trios.

Little Brownie Bakers services Dallas….producing Girl Scout cookies since 1974, and they make a softer Thin Mints plus Trefoils, Tagalongs, Do-si-dos, Savannah Smiles, Samoas, Rah-Rah Raisins and Toffee-tastic.


The Most Expensive Year of Your Life Is Age 50

A new study found the most expensive year of your life is age 50 . . . because that's when ALL the biggest expenses in your life collide.  You're still paying your mortgage and supporting your children . . . but you've also got new costs from more expensive health care and insurance.

A Flight to Help People Overcome a Fear of Flying Was Struck by Lightning

There was a special flight in England on Monday to help people conquer their fear of flying.  But about 25 minutes into the 40-minute flight . . . the plane was struck by LIGHTNING.  It landed safely, but stayed grounded for at least 30 hours afterward for repairs.

Kids Who Play a Lot of Video Games Do Better in School?

According to a new study, kids who play a lot of video games actually do BETTER in school . . . but only if they're the right type of games.  One-player games tend to teach problem-solving skills.  But games where's you're competing with other people tend to have the opposite effect.

Five Random Facts For Friday

About two or three people die every year by falling into the Grand Canyon.  You read 25% slower on a computer screen than you do on paper.  And Austin, Texas is the biggest American city without an NFL, NBA, NHL, or Major League Baseball team.

The Washington Generals have beaten the Harlem Globetrotters six times . . . and lost to them at least 13,000 times.

Ireland and Indiana are roughly the same size and have about the same population.

The Six Worst Dating Moves Guys Pull

Here are the six worst dating moves guys pull when they're not really that interested, according to a new list from "Cosmo" . . .

1.  Telling you he's not ready for a relationship.  In other words, he's not ready for a relationship with YOU.

2.  Saying the timing just isn't right.  Yeah, because March is a terrible time to find someone you connect with.  That's more of an April thing?

3.  Not texting you, but always replying to texts you send HIM.

4.  Being vague about "maybe" getting together this weekend.

5.  Or worse, mentioning "possibly" meeting up later tonight, instead of making actual plans.

6.  Wanting to be exclusive, but NOT wanting a serious relationship.  Think about it . . . what does that even mean?

More Than 50% of Single People Had One-Night Stands Last Year . . . Which Could Be Good For Relationships?

A new study found 66% of single men and 50% of single women had a one-night stand last year.  And the woman who ran the study says it could lead to a lot of future relationships . . . because having sex with someone you barely know is a great way to bond with them.


Only 2% of Us Will Use Our Tax Refund to Do Something Fun . . . 68% Will Pay Off Debt

According to a new survey, 68% of people getting a tax refund this year will use it to pay off debt . . . 15% will spend it on something they need . . . 11% will put it in their savings . . . 4% haven't decided . . . and only 2% plan on spending it on something fun, like a vacation or shopping.



Thomas Rhett's Dad Made Him to Listen to Good Music When He Was a Kid

THOMAS RHETT had the good fortune of being raised by a guy who knows what good music is.  Obviously, we're talking about his dad, RHETT AKINS, who had some country hits in the '90s, and is still a respected singer / songwriter.

But like most young kids, Rhett started out rejecting his old man's advice.  He says, quote, "When you're nine or 10 . . . and WILL SMITH is huge, you don't think the BEATLES are that cool.

"When you're on your way to school and your dad's forcing you to listen to WINGS . . . or the entire ROLLING STONES collection, or the ALLMAN BROTHERS, you're like, 'Dad, this is not what people are listening to right now.'"

Rhett also recalls a decent dose of Hank Williams, Aretha Franklin, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Muddy Waters, and Frank Sinatra.

What started as a musical education has turned into a lifelong love.  Quote, "I grew up, and all that stuff was so in my brain that once I became of age to appreciate music, all of those became my favorite things to listen to."

Details on the New Zac Brown Band Album and Tour . . . and Zac Responds to Those Who Question His "Look"

The ZAC BROWN BAND announced the details of their new album.  It's called "Jekyll + Hyde", and it'll be out April 28th.  Their guests include SARA BAREILLES and Soundgarden singer CHRIS CORNELL.

They're also launching a North American tour on May 1st in Nashville.  It features several stadium shows, including Boston's Fenway Park, Chicago's Wrigley Field, and Nationals Park in Washington D.C. 

You can check out all the tour dates, plus ticketing info at ZacBrownBand.com(And don't forget:  They're the musical guests on tomorrow's "Saturday Night Live".)

While we're on the subject:  Zac has a pretty distinct look, with his beard and different hats.  Well, he was recently asked how he arrived at it. 

He said, quote, "It's definitely not because somebody told me to.  I hear about it, 'Why don't you shave that beard off.  Get rid of it.'  And that's okay, people feel like they can project their B.S. on me for some reason but I'm not afraid to be who I am."

Carrie Underwood is Getting Diaper Help from Mike Fisher

Even though CARRIE UNDERWOOD's baby Isaiah is barely a week old, her husband MIKE FISHER has already returned to the rink to play hockey for the Nashville Predators.  So, the "Tennessean" asked if he's helping out in the diaper department.

He said, quote, "Oh yeah, of course.  That's part of the deal.  [And] I'm not bad.  I'm working away at it.  I'm not the best yet, but we'll get there."

But don't go patting him too hard on the back.  They also asked if he's getting any sleep and he admitted, quote, "Yeah, I am, actually.  My wife's a trouper.  It's been awesome."  (I'm sure he knows that'll end when the hockey season's over, right?)



Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, Kenny Chesney, Florida Georgia Line, and Dierks Bentley are some of the performers at the ACM Party for a Cause Festival.  It's taping April 17th and 18th . . . but it's going to air May 15th on CBS as a two-hour special called "ACM Presents: Superstar Duets".  (Rolling Stone

LORETTA LYNN will be honored with a Distinguished Artist Award from the Tennessee Arts Commission.  It's given to artists "of exceptional talent and creativity."  Other honorees include blues legend B.B. King, writer Cormac McCarthy, gospel artist Dr. Bobby Jones, and opera singer Mary Costa.  (Tennessean)


KIP MOORE is now in Europe playing some shows. He performed in Glasgow, Scotland last night, and will play Dublin on Saturday and London's Country To Country Festival on Sunday. After that, he's sticking around to see the sights.

Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan and Kenny Chesney are among the first artists lined up for this year's ACM Party for a Cause festival. 

Sam HuntMiranda LambertClint BlackPatty LovelessRonnie MilsapDarius RuckerDwight YoakamAlabamaEli Young Band and Florida Georgia Line are also on the bill. The two-day festival takes place on April 17th and 18th — the days leading up to the ACM Awards — at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas. 

The shows will be taped for a two-hour special, ACM Presents: Superstar Duets!, which will air on May 15th on CBS.


Here are the Top 10 albums and songs on "Billboard's" country music charts this week . . .


Top Country Albums:


1.  Sam Hunt, "Montevallo"

2.  Aaron Watson, "The Underdog"

3.  Jason Aldean, "Old Boots, New Dirt"

4.  Florida Georgia Line, "Anything Goes"

5.  Carrie Underwood, "Greatest Hits:  Decade #1"

6.  Chase Rice, "Ignite The Night"

7.  Luke Bryan, "Crash My Party"

8.  Eric Church, "The Outsiders"

9.  Miranda Lambert, "Platinum"

10.  The Mavericks, "Mono"

Top Country Songs:


1.  Sam Hunt, "Take Your Time"

2.  Blake Shelton and Ashley Monroe, "Lonely Tonight"

3.  Thomas Rhett, "Make Me Wanna"

4.  Cole Swindell, "Ain't Worth The Whiskey"

5.  Jason Aldean, "Just Gettin' Started"

6.  Brett Eldredge, "Mean To Me"

7.  Zac Brown Band, "Homegrown"

8.  Lee Brice, "Drinking Class"

9.  Chris Young, "Lonely Eyes"

10.  Randy Houser, "Like A Cowboy"

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