Jason Aldean is “Burnin' It Down”!


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JOE NICHOLS went in for back surgery on June 30th, and even though he was told to stay off his feet and lay on his back for two weeks, he was on stage performing four days later.  He told the doctor, quote, "I gotta go back to work on Friday.  I have babies to feed.  I can't just not do anything for two weeks." Joe said it was years of long distance running messed him up so badly doctors had to cut away bone from his vertebra and remove some ligaments.
If you ever get a chance to hang with JOSH THOMPSON, bring matches, and maybe marshmallows.  Because there's a decent chance he'll be lighting a fire.  He says, quote, "I love campfires.  Outside the tour bus, we'll just build fires. We just love to pull up chairs and have a couple beers and hang out.  The ambiance of a fire and the smoke, it just feels good . . . makes me think I'm camping no matter where I am."
Happy birthday to baby Eisele who turned one today yesterday! Mama Hillary Scott of LADY ANTEBELLUM posted on Instagram,    "Our sweet girl is one today! She woke up singing to herself this morning…her own happy birthday song! Ha! Life has NEVER been more fun!"
CMT.com noticed the word "girl" is overused in today's country music.  So they found 12 country songs that use other words to describe the fairer sex.  Almost all are old school, like "Devil Woman" by Marty Robbins, and "Lady" by Kenny Rogers.How about REDNECK WOMAN, or MAN, I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN?

Garth Brooks is on pace to become the best-selling solo act in history when he releases his music digitally. He's already the top-selling artist in the country since 1991. As it stands now, Elvis Presley narrowly has Garth beat with sales 134.5 million albums to Garth's 134 million. Until recently, Garth was opposed to releasing music digitally. He'll likely release only full albums through GarthBrooks.com
JASON ALDEAN says his new single "Burnin' It Down" is "the steamiest song" he's ever released.  He also has a more explicit take:  Quote, "I just honestly think it's about a dude having fun naked in the bed, making out with this chick, listening to 'Dixieland Delight' and drinking whiskey." 
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hC2tLWMMF38] 
“Pretty Little Liars"minx LUCY HALE recently made her Grand Ole Opry debut . . . and it was featured on "A Night at the Opry".
 [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wR94g5MBNQ0]

The Five Dumbest Reasons Drivers Have Stopped on the Shoulder . . .

When someone stops on the shoulder of a highway, there'd better be a good reason . . . because it makes hundreds of other idiots slow down for no reason. 
Here's a list of the five dumbest excuses cops have heard from people who pulled onto the shoulder . . .
1.  A guy saw the word "FIRE" on his display and thought it was a warning that his car was on fire.  It was actually the display on his radio showing him part of the song that was playing . . . "Set Fire to the Rain" by ADELE.
2.  Two people pulled over to the shoulder because one of them was negotiating to buy the other one's car.
3.  A guy pulled over because he realized his car insurance policy had expired and he was calling around for quotes.
4.  Some grandparents thought it would be a good backdrop to take photos of their new grandchild.
5.  And finally, a guy stopped because he saw some flowers he really wanted to pick.


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