July 2nd Blog

People Are Talkin’
CAMERON DIAZ lets it all hang out in her new movie "Sex Tape" . . . "I mean you see everything."  She also talks about not being a mom at 41 . . . "I was never drawn to being a mother.  That's just what it is.  I'm just what I am." 

MEGAN FOX has a new crush; ELLEN DEGENERES.  In the new issue of "Cosmo" she says, " Maybe it's the way she gives off the impression that she's anti-'the business' even though she's engaging in it.  And humor is always sexy." 
JULIANNE HOUGH spoke with "Redbook" about why her relationship with RYAN SEACREST didn't work.  She said, quote, "There was nothing wrong or bad, but there was nothing right.” 
ROBIN WILLIAMS checked into rehab, but his people say he did NOT fall off the wagon.  A rep says, "Robin is taking the opportunity to fine-tune and focus on his continued commitment” 
SHIA LABEOUF isn't in rehab after all, but his rep says he is, quote, "voluntarily receiving treatment for alcohol addiction."  
JUSTIN BIEBER was partying at his house early Tuesday morning with Johnny Manziel, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Tyrese Gibson and rapper Tyga.  Neighbors called the cops because the music was too loud, and police had to come back because there were screaming female fans outside. 
A list of Five Predictions from "Back to the Future 2" That Are on the Verge of Coming True includes Vertical Takeoff and Landing Vehicles, Biometrics like thumbprint technology, and various innovations in TV technology.  
A 500-pound black bear recently broke in the home of WHITESNAKE'S lead singer DAVID COVERDALE in Lake Tahoe.  He eventually scared the bear off by screaming at it. 

Cowboy Country News

ERIC CHURCH took his closest family to an exclusive number-one party to celebrate “Give Me Back My Hometown” as the first chart-topping hit from his current album The Outsiders. His wife Katherine, their son Boone, Eric’s parents and in-laws were among the VIPs at the event. Premiere

ZAC BROWN BAND has been in and out of the studio working on a new album. And though the band's tour is in full swing, don't expect to hear any of the new songs during their shows. Premiere

ZAC BROWN has yet to go under the knife for that vasectomy he was talking about back in December.  What he HAS done is introduce ERIC CHURCH to spearfishing. Complete

JASON ALDEAN will be releasing new music soon.  We know this because he Tweeted, "Guess who has a new single from a brand new album coming out?"
The MONTGOMERY GENTRY Facebook page posted the news that TROY GENTRY'S brother passed away.  Troy wrote, "I'd like to thank you all so much for your outpouring of thoughts and prayers….as we grieve the loss of my brother Keith."
The first video from the MOTLEY CRUE country tribute album has hit the internet.  It's JUSTIN MOORE doing "Home Sweet Home" with Crue singer VINCE NEIL.  The album, "Nashville Outlaws: A Tribute to Motley Crue", will be out August 19th. Complete
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tG5GVxALPpM]

Seven Signs You're About to Get Fired

1.  Your level of responsibility has gone down.  If you used to get trusted with the big stuff, and now you have nothing but free time, that's not a reward.  It probably means they want to get used to doing WITHOUT you.
2.  The boss is avoiding you.  It's a sign of guilt.  But there could be other explanations, so ask for some feedback before you do something to make it worse.
3.  You've been disciplined recently.  If it happens once, you're usually all right as long as you shape up.  But after the second time, you could be on your way out.
4.  A robot can do your job.  If it's possible to automate the work you do, it's only a matter of time before the company WILL automate it.  It's basically always cheaper in the long run to have a machine do the work instead of you.
5.  The company doesn't pay for your professional development.  If you used to go to conferences or luncheons on company time, and now they don't let you do it, it could mean that they don't want to invest in you anymore.
6.  Your company was just bought out.  They always tell you that no one's getting fired.  Then they casually ask you to show one of their managers what you do . . . and then one of their people is taking over your job.
7.  You've been asked to create a job description for your position.  Not always, but a lot of the time this means someone is trying to decide which employees are expendable.


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