“Something Bad” Coming Wednesday!

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MIRANDA LAMBERT'S mom had an interesting way of teaching her how to be strong-willed when she was a kid. 
She says, quote, "I would go up to the McDonald's counter and order my own McNuggets.  My mom would be like, 'If you're not going to order them yourself, then you're not getting any.  You need to face your fears.' She always wanted me to stand on my own two feet."
She also said, "When a girl comes up to me after a show and says, 'Thank you for being normal,' that's when I feel like I've done my job."
From the look of Carrie Underwood's recent Facebook post "something bad" is going to happen on Wednesday.
-The cryptic post shows a mug shot sign with the name Priscilla Parker and the date 6/25/14. Carrie's caption says, "Meet Belle and Priscilla." 

—Is it a video? What's your guess?


According to TMZ, RANDY TRAVIS' recovery from last year's stroke is proceeding at a very slow pace.  A source who's spent a lot of time with him says Randy can't form a sentence and he may not even be lucid enough to follow a conversation.
Lee Ann Womack, Rodney Crowell, Marty Stuart, Rhett Miller and The Avett Brothers are some of the artists performing at the 15th annual AmericanaFest.  It's going down September 17th through the 21st in Nashville.  More acts will be announced soon.  You can grab updates at AmericanaFest.org.


JENNIFER LOPEZ, KEITH URBAN and HARRY CONNICK JR. will all return to judge the 14th season of "American Idol"

Here's How Much Bars Make on …
Beer, Wine, and Mixed Drinks

And it's basically 300 to 400 PERCENT across the board.
1.  With beer, you get the most for your money if you order an import in a bottle.  Premium bottled beers have an average markup of 300% . . . other bottled beers are around 400% . . . for a regular draft beer it's 456% . . . and for premium drafts it's 355%.
2.  With mixed drinks, again you actually get more for your money if you order GOOD liquor.  Drinks with expensive booze are marked up about 300%, compared to drinks with well liquor at 456%.
3.  If you buy a shot, they're marked up about 400%, regardless of the brand.
4.  And with wine, the markup is 350% if you buy it by the glass . . . 203% if you buy a bottle . . . and 150% if you buy a GOOD bottle.
So a good bottle of wine has the SMALLEST markup.  And the BIGGEST markups are on cheap draft beers and mixed drinks. 


Today’s Shocking , FREE ADVICE
Five Surprising Things About Dealing Drugs


1.  Drug dealers don't LOOK like drug dealers.  The stereotypes from TV are almost never true in real life.  Otherwise the cops would always know who was dealing.  Most drug dealers do it part-time, and have regular lives outside of dealing.
2.  Their biggest enemy isn't the cops . . . it's their CUSTOMERS.  And they can't call the cops if they get ripped off or attacked, so they know they're always vulnerable.
3.  Most drugs are sold and consumed in the suburbs.  Statistically, middle-class white people are the biggest drug consumers.  And they don't go downtown to get the stuff either, because it's available in their own neighborhoods.
4.  Dealers don't do it for the glamor.  A lot of drug dealers have square jobs too, and they make BETTER money at their jobs.  They just want to make MORE.  Some even do it because they want to go to college, and they can't find legitimate work anywhere.
5.  Drug dealers give the best drug educations.  Above all, a dealer has to be REALISTIC about the risks of using drugs.  They want to maximize sales without losing customers to DEATH or PRISON.  So they tell you how it really is.

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