TIme for your check up…time for your check up…

When Emrie wakes up in the morning I typically put some cartoons on TV for her to watch as she's getting ready for "big school."  Yes I'm one of those mothers.  Anyway, she and Brian got an early start so I was left at home alone with 20 glorious minutes to get ready for work uninterrupted.  It was awesome.  I even had time for a peaceful bowl of cereal.  After about 10 minutes of watching Doc McStuffins, I finally realized that I was watching Emrie's cartoons!  I guess I've gotten so use to it that it never even fazed me. 

Now I've got that stupid little theme song playing over and over in my head.  Come on moms.  Sing along.

"It's time for your check up…time for your check up."

Had to include a picture of Emrie's sassy face for you…


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